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Only two weeks ago Russia was denying to the world it had any intention of waging conflict or propelling an intrusion. This is something that that denial looks like now. As the fighting goes on, theres little ratify of progress in peace talks and a originating faith that worse is to come. Has NATO accepted that Ukraine will fall or could it still read a moral imperative to intervene immediately in fighting? We cannot answer this by going to war with him. Not now , not at this point.My guest the coming week from Washington is Constanze Stelzenmller a foreign and security policy expert at the Brookings Institution and functional specialists on Germany and transatlantic relations. And what of Europe? Germany has made decades of plan with weapons shipments lead to Ukraine and serious money for its cash-starved armed forces. But is it too late to help Ukraine? a no-fly zone would be a direct introduction of NATO into combat What about NATO efforts to find President Putin an depart ramp from the struggle he started? How might that looking? And can Russia and the West ever go back to business as usual? All that and more on Conflict Zone. Constanze Stelzenmller, welcome to Conflict Zone. Well, thank you for asking for having me on your demonstrate. Pleasure. Last month, you said there were many behaviors this war could become extremely complex and implicate NATO immediately. How long can NATO’s duel obliges stay out of this conflict? Well, the place I was trying to make at the time was that the distinctions between- you know if a country that’s being attacked is a member of NATO and therefore Article five, the members of the reciprocal protection guarantee attains, and not being a member, so that guarantee does not obtain, is academic in conflicts like these.It’s academic because we are supporting Ukraine by pay it weapons, because we are massively sanctioning the autocrat, Russia, and because we are trying to alleviate a huge humanitarian crisis on the territory of Ukraine. With the help of what might become humanitarian convoys that need to be protected and so on. That everything raises us very close to the brink of a potential participation with Russia, which we are strenuously currently trying to avoid. But eventually, to be honest , not only escalation predominance, but the choice of whether to engage us, is Russia’s. Putin has several times said that the West is, in his eyes, a fighter, because of the financial and export ascendancies, financing of the sanctions and export holds, because of weapons transmissions. And it’s anybody’s guess on whether he makes good on that threat. And recollect, he has reinforced that menace by be said that he might use tactical nuclear weapons. But my station is that civilian casualties have been mounting significantly in the last few days.If that continues, might that not be the initiation for direct intervention? You talk to US policymakers and advisers. Do you believe there’s a line in Ukraine that NATO will not let Russian troops to cross? Well, I believed to be and I were around for the Yugoslav wars, Afghanistan and other specimen, and we know that NATO often says there is a line it will itself not sweep and then it discontinues up sweeping it. And we also know that in cases of full-scale humanitarian disasters and war crimes where there is an aggressor, a predator like Russia, arbitrarily husk civilian home, arbitrarily affecting civilians, that that creates a certain degree of altogether vindicated scandalize amongst Western civil societies that then is very hard to resist. You announced it righteous responsibility, I think you said, didn’t you, when you were talking about the Western interventions in the Balkans back in the 90 s? Yeah. Exactly, precisely. No, I consider I think it is entirely possible that if, for example, as the Russians are now demanding, the Ukrainians evacuate their major municipalities, threw citizens of major Ukrainian municipals on buses and ferry them out.And the Russians have suggested they be ferried to Russia and Belarus. If the Russians, for example, continued husk those cities and the Russians shelled those buses, we’ve seen an attempted removal of the of the southern port city of Mariupol, where the Russians then tried to shell or did husk, in fact, the departure wires, that will all increase public pressure. But right now, the West is withstanding that for the simple reason that back in the day, 30 several years ago, the Yugoslav wars, we were dealing with Serbia as an aggressor. Serbia did not have nuclear weapon. It was not a great power. It was a medium power with conventional weaponry that was bad enough and atrocious militias. But now we are dealing with a great power with atomic weapon, and none wants what I make could arguably be seen as the beginning of World War Three.You say nobody hankers that- President Zelenskyy says NATO’s decisions have given the green light for further bombing of Ukrainian towns and hamlets. All the people who die, he said, from this day forward, will also die because of your weakness, because of your lack of unity, “your” being NATO. How is that accusation going down in Western uppercases? I think that’s being read as the understandable hyperbole of an admirable leader under singular pressure.Again, the legal dispute for NATO’s going to combat against Russia, over Ukraine, is by no means clear cut. And the military strategic case is also by no means clear cut. I believe the reluctance by Western governments to contemplate this is entirely understandable and it is not true, as you know full well yourself Tim Sebastian, it is not the case that we’re not doing anything. That Ukraine is receiving the biggest influx of weapons ever received by a country that is being attacked, from Western countries. Even the Germans are now shuttling an extraordinary amount of lethal weaponry. But is it enough? Is it fairly? I represent, there may be good reasons, as “youre telling”, for NATO’s stance, but service charges of appeasement, which has been levelled at NATO by the government and not just by the Ukrainian government , not just in hyperbole.Putin threatens, the West backs off, doesn’t it? That’s a dangerous instance. I’m sorry. That’s just not correct. This is not appeasement. We have play-act the fiercest monetary sanctions ever enacted by the West. The Russian Central Bank’s assets ought to have frozen. Export insures have been instituted. That will severely- perhaps not deter Putin – and I’ll come to what could restrain him in a second – that may not deter him, but it will sternly hold his freedom of action.And I think that it may very well, in very short order, begin to change the cost-benefit analysis of his closest inner circle, his enablers, his helpers. That’s not the oligarchs. I’m talking about hardmen, the siloviki, who are his band of brothers as it were. Ultimately, if you look at what Putin has just said, what he wrote in this essay about Ukraine in the summer, what he’s been saying ever since his news conference every day, this is a man who belief he is on a operation not only to suppress, pound Ukraine into submission and bring it, Belarus, and presumably the Caucasus back into Russia’s sphere of influence, but also to roll back the democratization of Eastern Europe, to liquidate Western Europe and discard the Americans out of the continent. Now that is a maximalist goal that we must ever stand- that we are withstanding.And the best way to help Ukraine, frankly now, is to receive every single Ukrainian who wants to leave, as we are doing. The EU has reacted with astonishing quicken and generosity to receive people who are leaving, and they are being given- they don’t have to comply with any formalities and can stay for three years. That is taking the pressure off Ukraine. But eventually, I think it would be- it would require a dire change of circumstances for NATO to contemplate direct campaign with Russia. Ultimately, in my view Tim: the only thing that can change Putin now and can change Putin’s own cost-benefit analysis, is his inner circle. Nobody else going to be able to. Is my firm ideology. He has til now conjured the specter of nuclear war, if you like. He’s brandished nuclear weapon in our face. Isn’t the problem that if mutually assured destroyer can no longer keep the world safe, then the West’s entire military doctrine post-World War Two is starting to look pretty inadequate, isn’t it? If he doesn’t recognize mutually assured shattering. We’re in unfamiliar irrigates, aren’t we? Indeed.But I think we’ve been in unfamiliar liquids since the Kremlin sent these two excerpt unquote draught covenants just before Christmas to the U.S. and to NATO, which, as I was saying earlier, contained maximalist requires that- all of them were non-starters, that discounted the proposals of exchange made by the West, who the hell is productive, real, and magnanimous. And where it became clear that Putin is on a personal mission to perhaps consolidate his bequest as an historic immense ruler of Russia, and that this might be something where ultimately, you are familiar with, all efforts of deterrence and defense by the West would miscarry. But we cannot answer this by going to war with him. Not now , not at this quality. It may happen in the future, particularly if Putin shapes good on his threat to consider NATO member states, or all of NATO soldiers, and affects NATO territory. And all such cases, all gambles are off. You talked about the change of heart in Germany, the manner in which the battle, if you like, has caused an shake in German foreign policy and political thinking.Berlin did a sudden about turn in sending military aid to Ukraine, shooting gargantuan insertions of cash into the defense budget. Do you believe in abrupt political changeovers like this? Do you think it’ll remain? It’s not a sudden political shift. And I do believe it will help. Here’s why. I think that this was preceded by a number of other occasions in Germany, but this isn’t the occasion for a biography class, so I will forego that, but say the following: unlike the historical shift in 1998 and 99, when a Center-Left German government thoughts by one Gerhard Schrder, decided to participate in NATO’s air war, an breath war against Serbia over the depredations by Serbian militias in Kosovo, which conclude with a NATO division heading into Kosovo, led by a German general, mind you.And unlike the 2014 Munich moment when the German president, the foreign minister and the defense minister stood at the Munich Security Conference and said, we must take on a responsibility in the world commensurate with our capability. Unlike those minutes, this is a German chancellor compiling hopes the hell is quantifiable benchmarks for which all three of his bloc gatherings had to sacrifice some of their sacred cows. But my question is, can he prevent those predicts? Only hours after Russia occupied Ukraine, heads of state of the German army, General Alfons Mais, express intense annoyance with his government, saying everyone knew this was coming, but the German army was standing there more or less empty entrust. Can I just say, as a student of German military capabilities for a long time, that General Mais was indulging in a tiny bit of hyperbole? It is a trope of European discussions, particularly in Great Britain, that the German army is completely ineffective. That’s not quite true.It is no longer a ability as it should be, granted, given the amount of money that we’re spending on it. And yes, much needs to be done to refurbish it. Absolutely. But inspect, Germany is a- maybe in military terms, a middle-of-the-road superpower or less. We are a great power economically and we are throwing everything we’ve got at these monetary sanctions and export sovereignties, which come with real cost to us, Germany.And the German chancellor has said that we are behind them. We are throwing 100 billion euros out as a startup investment into German defense- which will take time to filter through. It will take time to filter through. The results aren’t going to be immediate, are they? Yes, Tim, but ogle, we’re not going to be the only ones having to defend Europe when it comes to that. You know, the Americans are with us here and the combined NATO personnels are substantial, particularly with the backing of an American armed that exclusively settles a tiny fragment of its overall military capacity into NATO. 100 percent of Germany’s and most of Europeans’ impels are committed to NATO. In the case of America, that’s not the case. We in fact have a conventional, very clear conventional superiority vis-a-vis Russia. Which is why Putin is threatening us with atomic weapon. You say that, but we failed in our core peacetime goal, which was to deter aggression principally from Russia.And when it came to its third invasion- We haven’t failed, Im sorry. Well, he went into Ukraine. We failed to deter him from doing that. We failed to deter him from going into Georgia in 2008. Crimea 2014. This is the third time we failed to deter military adventurism on his part, isn’t it? Yes, but that was not a military failure. That was a political disappointment. That’s their own problems now. It’s not that he doesn’t respect our military capabilities. He thought we were politically too weak, too parted, and very naive and very uncaring to ever react. And he is currently learning – to his great surprise – and I reflect, very unpleasant shock, that things are entirely otherwise. And he’s seeing the greatest rallying of the west, of the West’s diplomatic, political, and military forces, that we have seen in our lifetimes. And this is only the beginning, it’s only the beginning for Putin, but it’s only the beginning for us.I believe this could be protracted, ugly, ghastly in many, countless roads. But I don’t think Putin ends up triumphing this one. I’m in fact, sure it is of that. A spate of the burden of what the West’s sanctions approach is about will be borne by business, won’t it, peculiarly the large-hearted international firebrands. How long do you think they can be relied on to shun the very lucrative Russian business that they’ve been experiencing for so long? Tim, I believe that business has had a rude awakening in Russia and for at least a decade now. As we know, that was once the famous German Ost-Ausschuss, the eastern committee of the German Federation of Industries, which was the greatest torchbearer for Putinism for a long, long time. Very, very influential in German politics. And the truth is that both the center-left and Chancellor Merkel’s, who was on the center-right, programme of involvement and of hoping to change Russia through economic integration has utterly failed and what get burned in that process was German business.And so German business has become far more uneasy and ambivalent, shall “theyre saying”, about engagement with Russia than it was, say, 15, 20 several years ago. And the same thing is by now true of China. So, I think that you will not ascertain German business saying that the German government or NATO, the alliance, is making a mistake here. What you will see: there is one significant threat if I might. There is now a debate, which I think is mainly because we- you know, there’s a public need to do something that is a strong gesture. The Ukrainians have been asking us to institute a no-fly zone. You and I haven’t talked about that hitherto, but a no-fly zone would be a direct introduction of NATO into combat because it would require bombarding of Russian air justifications on Russian territory.That’s just no longer possible. And therefore, where people are throwing around for alternate options and obvious alternating option is cutting off all vitality importations from Russia. The trouble with that is- Which Germany has said it won’t do. Germany has come out and said it won’t do. Exactly, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news or analysis that you don’t like. But there are there are prudent reasons for doing that.One, it is much less important than the sanctions measures we’ve already instituted. The central bank sanctions and domestic exports authorities, those are far more effective and constraining and punishing the Kremlin. Energy cut offs: arguably, the costs are much higher for us than they are for Russia. Yes, they send additional money to Russia. But that does not compensate for the losses it’s obliging with the already existing sanctions that have already been instituted. And the and the problem is that while you can tell people to wear sweaters and heated socks and waive heating, you cannot tell German industry or other European manufacture, for that are important, to only shut off their plants.That’s not possible. That would be pernicious in ways I can’t begin to describe to you. And the problem is that those energy sources are not substitutable in the short term. We are all planning to substitute them in the medium term. The German government has have committed themselves to do it in three years, but for now, neither the Gulf states nor Venezuela are available as sources of substitute gas to fuel German industry and to keep those weeds from shuttering. All freedom. Constanze Stelzenmller, a great deal of thinking seems to be going into devising something of what they call an exit ramp for Vladimir Putin the way out, which doesn’t leave him even more angry and aggressive than he is now. What might that outlet ramp look like, do you think? Honestly, that’s a time on which I’m particularly bleak because we’ve make so many offers that were, I mull, awfully considered, very directed at exactly that, provide respect, offering a continued therapy of Russia as a great power.Arms verify, missile stationing, confidence building weighs, troop stationing on Europe’s eastern flank. All of that was up for discussion. And Putin has rebuffed all of it. We’ve attempted to have to have talks about cease-fire. Russian armies have continued husk metropolitans, Ukrainian metropolis, and Ukrainian civilians during these gossips about a cease-fire. At this object, it seems very clear that the only way that the Kremlin and Putin would be willing to engage in such communications would be as a acces of stalling and gaining time in order to be able to build up a greater troop presence and succeed in the military campaign that so far has been less than successful. So, what you are saying is that there is no various kinds of ordinary liaison that they are able never be re-established with Putin after this. No. He’s lied to all the world leaders, instantly to their faces when they went to see him.Yes. But I think that’s understood by now. That is why there is there is no good scenario for the ending of this conflict that involves Putin in any way. And I hope that representations are being made to his inner circle: the Naryshkins, the Patrushevs, the other hard followers, the siloviki around him, that that this man is not just not good for Russia, he’s also not good for them. And if they wish to regain or- if they require a Russia that is taken seriously, that plays a role in international affairs, then Putin is in the process of destroying that. And frankly, the only ones who can change Putin’s control on capability are these beings. I belief nobody else can do it. And the levels of repression that we’re realize in Russia at the moment, the prospect of long prison terms for anybody who speaks out against the campaign, the remains of the independent media being snuffed out, foreign broadcast cut off, is this, if Putin stays- or the person or persons around him remain, Is this the start of years of strict totalitarian rule in Russia, a beings rush downwards? Presumably.Well, arguably that’s exactly what’s been happening in the past decade as Putin has obstructed stiffening the jailers on Russian civil society. Now the distinctions between the Cold War and now is that in the Cold War, it was possible to disappear beings into the gulags, and it was extremely difficult for people to flee. Now people have drones and social media. And operating gulags is a little more difficult. We know that the Chinese do it. But even there we have a lot more information than the Chinese would like us to have. And Russians have been able to vote with their feet by leaving the country, and they have already been doing so over the last decade in massive numerals. And I think we must expect that much larger numbers of Russians will now too attach the Exodus and come to the West. And we should welcome them. We “re saying”: “Come join with us. Work with us. We will show you that we are respectable societies. Send your lads and daughters to our universities. And when the time comes for you to be able to return, we hope that you will retain friendship and a good storage of us because we want to be decent cultures and we do not want to live at war with you”.But my personal conviction, Tim, is that Europe is not going to be safe on its own continent, unless there is a change of system in Russia. Now, I am not- just for there to be no misunderstanding here – The worst thing the West could aim at this point is to talk about regime change or to attempt it. That deepen has to come from within Russia and on Russians’ words. But we have to understand that we remain at risk for as long as Putinism settles in Russia.Constanze Stelzenmller, it’s been great to have you on Conflict Zone. Thank you very much undoubtedly. My pleasure, hope that was helpful . .

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