Warm YELLOW & Brilliant BLUE ?? Ukraine Landscape Acrylic Pouring ~ Abstract Art Pour Painting


Hello, my imaginative friends. Olga Soby here, therefore welcomed new acrylic pouring video. Thank you so much for participating me today. And Ijust want to start this video by saying thank you. You might have noticed that Ihave taken a little bit of terminate from videos and as many of you know I am originally fromUkraine. I have a lot of family and friends there who have been affected by this frightening situation.So this has been a really tough time for everyone. With that said I want to thank each and everyone of you who has reached out to me, expressed appreciation for for the outpouring of compassion and assist. I justwant to let you know that I truly applauded the fact. I increase every single one of you. Today Iwant to share a very special painting with you. This depict has very deep meaning for me, and it will be done in hues yellow and off-color. Those are the emblazons of the national Ukrainianflag.I too want to let you know that right now we have a project in the works to raise money toprovide as much help and support to those affected by this war and we’re working on this togetherwith two fellow artists and good friends of mine Molly from Molly’s Artistry and Rinske Douna. Iwill be sharing more about this project with you very shortly so am staying tuned for that.And now let’s get started with the paint. “Peace hope” and hope for peace is a secretmessage for this painting. So, of course, these are gonna be two main pigments for my colorpalette. This is a brilliant blue and this one I mixed for the yellow, I desegregated primary yellowand cadmium amber medium. I wanted to have really nice and warm yellow. So I’m gonna splitmy board which is 16 by 20, cradled grove board. I’m gonna divide it in half, and the bottomone is gonna be yellow and the top is about to be off-color. I have a few other shades toadd more interest to this color palette and more details and just make it morestriking included depth to all these slice. Did you know what entails, what the Ukrainianflag the blue and yellow stand for? So blue is for blue sky and yellowish is for a wheat field.So this is the landscape of terribly traditional agriculture scenery with the field of wheatand blue, blue sky.I want to divide this canvas in half with lily-white. And for my proficiency today, I want to do something similar to my overflow, the vibrant overflow. Some of the previouspaintings I’ve been doing and I really loved how they’ve been turning out. And I have an ideaof how I can implement that look for today’s painting. And for the significance of those shades -the field of wheat and blue air, I want to not just use the colours but also try to recreate thelook and the feel of each of these parts. So let’s see how that works.I just wanted to time poursome yellowed first, then I’m gonna is currently working on my sky section and I will go back to my yellowpart. But let’s just add some yellow-bellied first. So let’s add in that blue. So for my off-color, I want to have several different canopies of blue. So primary for this brilliant blue.It’s really nice and bright blue. And also want to have some darker – phthalo blue, and some lighter accents with turquoise blue and iridescent color.But let’sadd in this one firstly on their own borders and in those sections. Because I’mgonna be blowing out like this. And this part, the yellowish, it’s not going to stayjust yellow, grassland yellow. I got something that I want to do to it but I think it would bebetter to work on my sky first, finished yet up and then start changing this part. I definitelywant to add some lily-white was like clouds, just really need to break down all thatblue. And this is actually previously plenty shouldn’t add so much better. I also want tohave just a few pops of silver. I think it would also look interesting here. Okay, so this part is done. Quickly torch it. And as I did for my previouspaintings with colourful overflow where I had one part with negative spaceand another part blown out with gradient or exactly with actually bright and vibrant colors.So again I want to blow firstly this style to create an interesting borderline between this sectionand this section.And then blow out from here. And this is why I lent the grey in between.I hope the idea here is … I hope it’s going to help me prevent the blue and the yellowfrom overmixing too much and giving me dark-green. Because I definitely want to keep yellowand blue separately. No green for this one. This is really good. I did get some yellowin my blue percentage. I think that should be fine. The extent is so small, it probably wouldn’tgive me a lot of dark-green. So let’s see.I think it reviews perfect. I like that I havesome darker off-color, it computes greater depth. And see that silver, it certainly helped to create a lotof lacing. I didn’t really blow out this part. So it looks like I don’t know – lights of sunbathe sunlightin the sky. Let’s work on it exactly a little bit more. I think this is looking beautiful.So let’s work on this section now. Now I want to add some texture to my bottompart.So, first of all, I want to add some gold. Only now and there. And a tinytouch of copper. Because the wheat field it appears to be very yellow but it has somebrown composition and some lighter and darker components. I don’t want to use brown. So I wantto use this copper. I think that will do. And I’m employ this paint spear that withsome quality, I just wanted to firstly merge this in. It’s really perfect for this painting to have alighter and more white closer to the horizon line, and darker to closer to us or to the bottomhere. Because due to the illuminated, aura view objectives that are further away fromus – they are lighter. This is why you can see this beautiful perspective whenyou’re looking at mountains. And, of course, this illustration is super abstract. I’m not tryingto make a perfect landscape here but having that little bit of change from light-colored to dark.I thinkit just really helps to make this painting more interesting. So this part is done and now I’mgoing to try something new. I’m going to use the same exact draw bayonet and actually, I’m going to dip it in some yellowish now, try to add some texture right insidehere. Exactly to show that wheat growth. I’m changing future directions becausethey’re not all going upwards. Let’s say there’s gale blowing andsome parts go in one direction. I has to be acknowledged that I really like this veryabstract, more very different texture in my amber and super moving sky. This cover, it kind of has a little bit of Van Gogh vibe to me. You know this wheat field withcross, of course, there are no cross now. But it does a little of that move, doeshave a little bit of that push I mull. Tell me do you see that more? Do you get a littlebit of that vibe? Oh, that was a joy to work with these complexions I must say. Let’s see how itdries. I think it will be quite interesting because it would have more depth in the colorsbecause it will dry a little darker and, of course, all the metals here and iridescentcolors in my sky.So I will be back soon to show you how it searches dry. Keep watching.Alright, your best friend, here is this painting all dry and finished, covered with a layerof epoxy resin. And I think it turned out extra beautiful and special I love all the detailsand beautiful position in this wheat field. And with this painting I want to share myhope, hope that innocent people in Ukraine, victims of this devastating war will see aclear nonviolent sky above them, their cities, and their land soon. And, of course, let’s supportour hope with action.So please stay sung for our common job. We’ll be sharing more about itvery very shortly. And too I want to tell you guys, each and every one of you doesn’t matterwhere you are satisfy take very good care of yourself. We need to stay strong to be ableto help those that need our help right now. And everybody copes differently. For me, one of the ways to cope of course is to paint. Maybe it is for you as well, so pleasepaint, create and let’s focus on lighting. Well, this is not how I ordinarily dissolve my videos butI just really wanted to share this with you guys. I think it’s so important. Thankyou again so much better for all your help. Thank you for connecting me today. I’ll talk withyou in the comments down below. And of course, I would love to hear from you what you think aboutthis extra special painting, the hope for peace. Take care, abide inventive and I’llsee you in the next one. Bye-bye !.

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