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[songs] it was a week that changed their lives [music] it stands out that we are sent to the front a week that transformed every one of europe when [songs] a week ago ukraine stated battle we started the occasions to record we drove to the boundary have actually gotten in touch with individuals in the country who are their tales the very first message that reaches us comes from dimitri court so in the western component of Kyiv we drove a few kilometers 2 kilometers from the mini maybe and after that we look better to the east so heading north-east as well as saying our dimitri is german ukraine he has been residing in Kyiv for 7 years he worked there as a recruiter exactly on the initial day of the battle he offered an auto takes him to his troops the meeting point of his militia is intended to remain secret he doesn’t know either exactly where it goes apropos this is our homeland the main objection is a lot more acquainted groups and also observed sparkles the war began that day with explosions in several ukrainian cities russia is evidently shooting at armed forces bases as well as airport terminals russia'' s ground soldiers are moving towards ukrainian territory like below at the going across of the crimean peninsula this battle is putin'' s battle [music] these are photos that several in europe no more think it is imaginable [songs] dimitri is in the night on the outskirts of Kyiv, ukraine has actually already been severely struck [music] [music] the ukrainian army was 1 0 comments would certainly have and also i constantly like to recognize later sent us 2 pictures he is sitting at the campfire with companions tomorrow he is meant to be equipped [songs] i am waiting for a door in berlin we are driving right at the ukraine border april a little bit later always we have to cut that we are driving in the early morning of the second day we are going to the gloss limit approximately seven million people will certainly leave it will certainly be stated later on much of them will en in poland, on the second day of the war versus ukraine, russian troops are anticipated to relocate to the keel prior to the battle for the resources has begun, according to the ukrainian military, russian rockets are destroying houses, countless ukrainians are leaving their cities julia is among them she is sending us this video a couple of kilometers behind Kyiv out of the dirt [music] julia was until recently journalism policeman of ukraine head of state selensky until she needed to surrender for health reasons she went along with seelands anywhere like coming right here to london boris johnson now she is one out of thousands of inside displaced people we are at a polish filling station as well as oven julian julia [music] that she is staying is a combination of nationalism and fear for her sweetheart because men between 18 and also 60 years old are no more permitted to leave ukraine [songs] [music] dimitri contacted us once again he is currently be arms he sends us an image of his device all volunteer [music] dimitri has signed up with the eu an extremely ideal wing nationalist group [songs] we have actually recognized dimitri for a couple of years 2015 he is just 18 and he still resides in munich on the web at that time, he discovered a video clip of a strike on his old-fashioned in eastern ukraine, supposedly by pro-russian militias.Dimitri acquired an uniform at the armed forces store in munich as well as established off for western ukraine to be trained back then he wished to fight against pro-russian separatists and that although his father is russian himself and also battles beyond are you not worried that you might additionally satisfy them on your papa is because he on the various other side is not afraid if i him hit in a fight then i ' m all set to complete him off and currently dimitri fights once again it can be that ' s really real war is k ann yes be that you pass away yes of course that'can be i claimed klopp everyone will or later perhaps it is a key in germany but i would certainly like a secret is extremely strained and also got rid of fleeing from china meanwhile a growing number of surges are reported at a power plant shots open road in the middle of the facility alexandra lives right now she sends us a video clip [music] we call her benefit a us television terminal that has remained in a hotel alexandra doesn ' t leave the resort any longer do you really feel risk-free or are you worried i have a a bit scared i ' m a little bit worried my cat goes to residence with my home i'didn ' t get it and it ' s alongside the ministry of defense ok his apartment is next to a ministry of course and also it'' s really harmful that indicates your home might likewise be hit by rockets be or i indicate you remained in Kyiv why if i not if i not i function a bit more so what i'' m below currently i ' m with a team and this team has the experience of work stop prefabricated lists and they are not such as that they are not such as that the individuals [songs] in the eastern of ukraine is the city with a population of millions the second largest city in the country 2 days ago she reported weapons shelling by the russians fierce battling taken place ruining we located the profile of a young female on twitter that apparently lived there she uploads this video we got in touch with asta asta stays in these skyscraper real estate estates hgf she is inside researched in ukraine and has been living right here for seven years luggage has actually been packed since the russian invasion yet she remains [music] dance additionally she reviewed reports of racism on the run likewise that'' s why asta remains in her apartment or condo [songs] we are now short in front of the ukrainian border a video of julia the ex-spouse spokesperson of salehs kü omen julia in fact sent me numerous videos last night at 1:16 am as well as 4:36 am they still place'' t showed up in levi fi because they '' re just not also driving at strolling rate and they just slept for 2 hours a couple of kilometers from below far there is war there are other issues that suddenly become extremely small what we will certainly discover in the next couple of days the individuals right here move with each other just 5 mins two autos fit and assist us truly great individuals we remain in 5 minutes to the limitation finally we exist border many individuals are awaiting relatives or close friends from ukraine because the day prior to ukrainian males in between 18 and 60 are no more allowed to leave ukraine several youngsters yes in the automobiles there are only females and or old men with the inquiries from every one of them waiting on someone however on the ukrainian side it fails of course you can see series for e automobiles wi r get to understand heinrich he is awaiting his partner and a family buddy who is until now from residence that you need to wait two days he wished to speak with a number of people up front and also claim how you have to yet the lengthy delay in this region seven kilometers from the border are the initial families and also whatever works till 23 in the store heinrich additionally has a ukrainian ticket took place there consistently don'' t know it ' s all sort of blended sensation whatever is complete most significant trouble is you don'' t recognize 100 percent what else a russian rocket assault on a high-rise in Kyiv after ukrainian ones According to various experts, Russia is even making use of collection artilleries, however the Russian advance is apparently speaking regarding stranded tanks.The Ukrainian military is installing extra resistance than expected. According to media reports, Head of state Selensky declines a deal from the U.S.A. to get him out of the country media from ukraine ' s massive resistance a video clip shows civilians challenging russian containers in the north of the nation a female fighting with russian soldiers in Kyiv alexandra is still resting in the resort where she helps us television [music] a little later she gets it a deal to take off Kyiv however initial she intends to return to her apartment Kyiv is strangely empty the taxi flight is deadly a little later alexandra sends us a video i handled to get her best putin ' s military is progressing on the funding there'are road fights lots of residents are hiding in cellars alexandra has chosen to leave together with the us tv group she has not yet decided where the bus is going because Kyiv is increasingly being surrounded the important point is to go west at night at the border with poland three days after the beginning of the war 100,000 people are claimed to have actually gotten away ukraine there are some buses entering the various other direction there ought to be volunteer competitors in them one of the spectators clarifies to us we speak to them yet no one wants to speak to us we were masters of the boundary all the time and also now we are mosting likely to the first reception facility since the individuals with the buses who discover the verge on foot so some apparently also leave the cars there and also then stroll over it as well as are then transferred on by buses below once more a great deal of individuals who desire to help on signs they provide trips to one accommodation or simply food numerous poles as well as poles feel particularly close to the people in ukraine as well as they are thankful box [music] at night we get a message from asta removed she is still alone in her apartment or condo [songs] [songs] [music] [music] the ukrainian military reports heavy combating overnight yet Kyiv remains in ukrainian hand the next early morning at the gloss-ukrainian border heinrich is still waiting on his sweetheart just how are you today that is or something like that that social attacked houses everything heinrich shows us among lots of video clips that obtains through telegram it is supposed to be the existing scenario show in ukraine not whatever is really real in this video however the pictures are effective [applause] [songs] [applause] [music] [applause] 20 the question appeared what was prior to that the homes damaged ladies and males leave the kids birthed of mothers so it doesn ' t operate at all his sweetheart is still embeded traffic on the ukrainian side in the eastern ukrainian city of kharkiv on today russian troops are moving right into the facility there are road fights below ukrainian competitors [songs] in this city hard asta constantly still in her apartment from [songs] 2 [songs] 1000 kilometers west of lewis [songs] [M usik] nothing taking place now it ' s a fic sandra made it here after a 15 hour bus ride she ' s still when traveling with the group from a us tv terminal [songs] alexandra didn ' t take any type of winter months clothes with her however that doesn ' t matter now it seems serene right here in lewis be at the very least till the evening air -raid alarm news in the air-raid sanctuary [music] right here in the resort space there is fairly safe yet the occasions in your home town are overruning i comprehend that it is incomprehensible what occurred in main europe in the twenty-first century that can not be in moscow at the very same time head of state vladimir putin activates the next degree of rise [music] this additionally includes nuclear weapons at the same time there is a little glimmer of hope because the beginning of the russian invasion there are meant to be talks between russia as well as ukraine for the very first time i wear ' t truly count on the result of this encounter yet we need to attempt nevertheless the air assault on ukraine continue in Kyiv people are getting ready for russian ground troops and also are making molotov mixed drinks someplace below dimitri is additionally awaiting his deployment we sanctuary ' t learnt through him for a day now sent this message we are still remaining in stat the order is that we will be sent to the front about fell on monday something else will certainly happen if we accompany we call him he appears unwinded claims he enjoys that the protection of ukraine is obviously holding up as well as for me personally a protection of the night would be a small state because the distances to shut are plainly more detailed there as well as the getting in soldiers it is a lot simpler to verify to destroy non-professional militias every little thing in the city that would certainly be like that my spouse dear let ' s state for a boat trip you obtained the message that Germany concurred, so to speak that tools are being provided to ukraine so jesus clear in germany this funny my resignation politics has actually been disturbing now in peace for a long time [music] [music] at the border we call julia the air conditioners spokeswoman for the ukrainian president again she has called in the meantime got here at her destination in a tiny village near the polish border she remains there in ukraine [music] [songs] [laughter] [music] regardless of the supremacy of the russian army, ukraine wins the hearts of lewis in the west has come to be something of a hub ended up being right here come refugees from various other parts of the ukraine to alexandra the television manufacturing sends us these photos begin below soldiers as well as volunteers to the front alexandra fulfills males that load arrangements in the city center the soldiers put up walls of sandbags if the russians additionally concern degree in the morning kharkiv in the exact same city russian rockets hit that day according to neighborhood authorities russian pressures are shelling houses according to authorities there are dead 3pm asta made it to the train station so [songs] 6 hrs later is meant to come to that very same evening at the gloss border heinrich finally has good information his partner and her household are expected to be this evening throughout the border, burg to , i ' m going nuts with the project, that you truly want it to be clear, i ' m delighted that he ' s back, that ' s likewise said, that the remainder of his household put on ' t have any kind of ideas today [giggling] train station rasta train heading west is meant to be below quickly we ' ll call you [songs] [music] [music] however there ' s no false alarm asta hasn ' t eaten considering that'early morning she ' s not allowed to leave the train station, not even curfew she ' s investing the night in this corner the stairs [songs] the following early morning in rackith a rocket strikes the freiheitsplatz in the center si e hits the administration structure of the city three kilometers away from the asta train terminal, thankfully she handled to shut it shortly before [. songs] [music] her objective is somehow to get west for that she first needs to plan for the capital in kiev satellite images show a more than 60 kilometers long column of russian army automobiles that usually return to Kyiv the attacks from the air proceed a russian rocket strikes the television tower in the jaws of a kiev train terminal reporters on site trains are currently the last safe path out of the capital in one of these autos sits asta your train on the ship quits here for half a hr [music] [songs] [songs] russian soldiers are raising the stress on Kyiv the shelling on the city is increasing the opponent is there claims the mayor of Kyiv [songs] [songs] 31 asta has it behind level done 40 hours after she left her house a good friend organized this location to rest rt [music] below it can relax initially in the area where astra has lived for the last seven years the assaults are increasing the un basic assembly has condemned russia ' s invasion of ukraine by a big bulk 141 countries elected in favour, 5 against Hardly ever has the world been in such arrangement alexandra will continue to function in libya a minimum of as long as there is no nuclear strike she likewise states julia the acs spokeswoman for head of state selensky will stay in levi she wishes to marry her boyfriend as quickly as ukraine has sent him heinrich ' s family members has now totally got here [songs] dimitri is still waiting in Kyiv for the home battle asta is sitting in the automobile to the polish boundary exactly one week after the start of the war after that she wishes to go to her family members in india [music]

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