Tucker Carlson clashes with Rep. Salazar over Russia-Ukraine war and borders


so things are changing very fast for weeks masters in washington told us that an american-backed no-fly zone in ukraine would be unwise because it would was tantamount to an play of combat against a nuclear-armed russia as you can see those views have evolved a good deal but in fairness congresswoman maria salazar got there firstly salazar is a longtime news anchor from miami who a little over a year ago was elected to congress as a republican she now sits on the foreign affairs committee a week ago a reporter from the gray zone expected salazar what she thought of a no-fly zone here’s what she said do you reinforce a no-fly zone in ukraine i’ve preoccupied i support all that is has to do with penalise vladimir putin and helping the ukrainians wouldn’t that aim direct conventional warfare with russia i don’t know what it will make but you know freedom is not free so you don’t know what a no-fly zone will convey if you have to shoot down russian planes i imply of course i don’t know what it will symbolize but you know liberty is not free now we obligated fun of that refute last week when we firstly established you that excerpt but now what we lampooned is the consensus in washington we don’t know what’s going to happen we’ve got to do it immediately that’s the assertion you’re hearing at this degree no one wants to say it out loud but it is true at this extent a shooting conflict with russia seems inescapable how could war with russia not be inevitable virtually everyone with power is for it we remain against it we think that connecting a battle in eastern europe will hurt this country though to be clear when and if that war starts we will be praying intensely for america’s total win unlike so many in the foreign policy organisation we desire this country above all and we intend it but in the meantime while the united nations is still technically at peace we thought it’d be worth inviting people who are applying for combat if they have considered in detail what a campaign would mean for this country congresswoman maria salazar was courteous enough to abide our invitation to come on the show we’re grateful she did she joins us tonight congresswoman thanks so much for coming on um thank you for inviting me well yes so since you have called for war with russia how do you think that war formerly it begins would play out i think that’s a hypothetical hypothetical question i think that we should concentrate tucker in what uh zelinski asked congress today i’m sorry i i’m sorry i can’t no and i’m and i’m in no way um trying to cut you off i but i can’t let you a lot over that you said we should shoot down russian planes that’s of course fight since you’ve called for that anywhere a member of congress i think well you just said on the videotape replay that was go yeah but that was taken out of context because i said of course that i know what that wants i was that that that interview was not very well conducted and that’s why i’m here because i want to clarify my rank and my importance is that we should not take not the no-fly zone off the counter but before that that’s two it is essential to do one and one is to give zelinski exactly what he’s asking for no troops on the ground let’s give him the mixture and the s-3 00 what he needs to defend his own breeze airspace so he will create his no his own no-fly zone and that’s what i think we should have done months ago it’s embarrassing that this chap this chairman who is under the missiles has come to congress to beg for us to give him something that we should have done a long time ago okay let me be clear when you say we should pay chairman zelinski what he’s asking for he demanded today i think you were there that the united states enforced the no-fly zone which you so you are for deny him that well but he also said and then we can give you alternatives so since we know that that should not be taken off the counter and i repeat it i was of the view that we should go to hope a which is to give them all the military weapons that he’s asking for because i reflect a great deal of beings feel for that let me just say i think a lot of people who saw chairwoman zielinski pronunciation and today and who’ve seen the transgressions in ukraine feel deep compassion for the ukrainian parties and want this to end i’m certainly among other issues but i’m wondering i am okay and everywhere especially for the us government or one of its elected representatives act on behalf of the core the rights and interests of the united states government it’s really super simple so if the united states is provided let me just tell you let me if the united states is providing weapons to one side in a conflict how is that not participating in the combat listen now do let me really backtrack and say that you say that we’re supposed to be representing the american people i represent district digit 27 whatever it is you have millions of cuban americans and i’m representing what we think we know that we we acquired peacefulnes through backbone look at what happened in 1960 fidel castro and jfk i’m sorry okay i can’t i can’t i’m not gonna i’m sorry i’m not gonna i’m not gonna make the anti-communist lecture from anybody because of course i agree with you or no no i hope that you’re not speaking for excerpt cuban americans but for all americans because it’s not a ethnic question it’s a question of talking about national act i’m representing territory quantity 27. I understand what i’m just saying right and i’m as against communism here i am thinking as anybody but my question is if we are providing weapons to one side in a combat i think it’s fair to query maybe the other side would say that’s an act of fight against us and if that happens then what next and to not “ve been thinking about” that seems inadvertent but since you’re on the foreign affairs committee i know that you have reflected it through so tell me your views on what would happen next tucker we have been providing javelins and stingers and ammo and we’re cater a lot of military armament so what is the difference between that and the migs and the s-3 00 s what’s the difference i intend you have to understand that we are regrettably the united states has fallen into the vladimir putin’s trap he is the one dictating what we’re gonna do what we’re not gonna do he said we do not demand we are imposing a no-fly zone over ukraine and we’re so we’re let parties regulate our demeanor okay so that seems like that seems like a loss right there right okay but let me just ask you because we believe we don’t need to have more evidence that putin has bad intent that he’s evil a great deal of parties conceive he’s crazy including some informed parties including numerous russians this is why we know he’s volatile and we know that he’s heavily how many nuclear weapon by the way does russia have do you are familiar with many countless about six thousand that’s the guess one isn’t that and that’s a fair that’s a carnival is enough so are we very concerned about all that he might use a atomic weapon against the united states is that a concern is that something that you consider as you recommend these of programmes of course we’re of course that we’re very concerned and we’re also concerned that he may be throwing a biological weapon against the ukrainians within a few hours because he cannot take kiev or kiev as he thought he was going to so of course that we are and uh and encountering a despot anybody but i think that we should set this into context and i thank you very much for giving me the opportunity of course if we believe in the free macrocosm that this is just going to be the first or the last struggle with a bad actor we’re in for a very big surprise because if we do not challenge bad actors with backbone then we’re going to have china and russia and iran and fidel and you and venezuela okay but but if and needless to say i’ve fix that statement you know for 30 times on television the question is are we doing it with all existing perils known to the population in whose identify we’re doing it so i’m asking you what do you think the lucks are and i’m sure you’ve gained this out as a member of the foreign affairs committee that putin uses atomic weapon against the united states in response to this what would you calculate the opportunity he can sure that we are taking that into concern but what do you think i convey our viewers are i’m sure subscribing you i think most conservatives are on your feature and but i just think they should know what the informed thought of the probability of a retaliatory retaliatory nuclear strike from vladimir putin is what do what what would you determines it as being and i repeat that’s a hypothetical question and i’m totally hypothetical that he will not he is not make that step if starting today the biden administration will send the theme that we are in charge the nato is ready to confront him and so are we and that is the problem that i believe i’m not sure if you share in my view that you find treaty you contain this you can you can uh then destin give the they make the all the power away from putin if you demo backbone okay so do you believe that do you repute do you believe that’s true so president zelinski said here today that he is considering announced today that ukraine has not been able to connect nato in exchange for having russian truth withdraw from his country would you describe this is president zielinski speaking would you describe that zelinski can who am i to say what’s correct and what would you abide would you well i don’t know you is that is that would that be an answer you’d be in accordance with if zolensky made good on what he simply suggested that we’ll agree to neutrality will abandon claims to crimea and the russians leave would that are ya with you are able to you consider that an honorable exit or would you consider it a exhibition of weakness if zelinski comes to the united states congress and he says that this is the best move forward we are no one to say something to the contrary but i don’t think he’s going to say that so we’re we’re creating scenarios now that are hypothetical you may not be following this closely but he has said that multiple times so of course that i understand and i have just been that would spare the deaths okay but that would spare the deaths and since i know you have great concern for the civilian population of ukraine that would spare the deaths we all do of unspeakable thousands and cure the capital city from then destroyed so would that be better than increasing the level of armed conflict in ukraine which would be a better upshot that’s for the ukrainians what do you mean you’re you’re you’re an american policy creator who’s prescribing your views on ukraine and i’m asking you simply would that be why not why not push let me well of course you are you’re saying we need to send information billions of dollars weapon the military and i’m not criticizing your arrange i’m just asking you has it appeared that countless beings might be saved if we were to encourage the the peaceful solution that’s already on the table are you doing anything in that counseling if the ukrainians want to go that route they have the right to and we are no one to say anything about it because they are the ones dying on the streets and they’re the only ones they certainly are they certainly are dying that’s right i don’t know notice any members of congress or david frum laying down their lifetimes since the ukrainians but have you are you suggested that tucker i believe that we have uh we have talked about this part fairly i also required you to give me the opportunity to explain to you i want to importation you because you said that i was for in favour of open metes and i wanted to i talked to you well you really called last-place month for the forgivenes for tens of millions of people who are entered into home countries illegally because i read the legislation no i did not actually about 20 minutes ago okay i’m glad you did and i will invite you to read it again because let me just give me 30 seconds and i predict i’ll give it to you in sound bites the honor deed which i put forward last month is an immigration reform law probably the first one that the gop has presented in a long time it has one of the strongest borderline security measures in the history of the united states congress right got it but but it also provides something claim clemency clemency is what we have now tucker reprieve is when “youve had” more than 30 million illegals listen to me without paying for institutions for superhighways or for hospitals “i know i m” contributing them honor so they can start compensating and they can now we’re getting quite deep into the talking tops people who came over our border without permission are not being penalized they are instead being reinforced and so you know they’re not let me let me answer to that highly different standard to ukraine i’m wondering if russians fleeing putin do you believe should be allowed to start brand-new and better lives in ukraine and i bet you’d say no because you believe in ukrainian patriotism but not america i is intended to be rigid i’m talking about those people who have lived lived here for more than five years that have not committed a crime that have american children and “whos doing” contributing to our economy i wished to give them something announced honor and then atonement i’m not talking about road to citizenship i’m not talking about immunity i’m talking about no no but let me no i’m not and i don’t want you to misrepresent what we did and we worked for one whole time so we can answer time because then let me ask you let me ask you our viewers you’re for routing migs the fact that you agreed to accept me does that means that “youve got to” misrepresent what’s on the money well our look i think you’ve said it yourself that people who came here illegally tens of millions of them would be allowed to stay they would not be penalise they would be reinforced now you think that’s enhancing their dignity by the way i’m not against those people i exactly can’t help notice the oppose between your desire to send migs to ukraine to preserve its borders but not here should we send the us military to the mexican mete since you have have recognized that hundreds of millions of parties have come here illegally that our borders are poorest they’re not protected they are open should we send the u.s armed to the mexican frontier that is what i have created a whole contrive so we can really seal the border because you know what would you my parish would you call it then let me finish cause me appreciate the one that i represent okay listen i am let me finish give me 15 seconds i shall i have expressed appreciation for i have created a series of measures so we can secure the border because we the chocolate-browns the hispanics the latinos in this country are not in favor of open territories their own problems is that no one asks us we want to live in the promised land and we want to contribute because you know are you all right that if we evict those 11 or 13 million we are not able to have meat by friday why because let me okay satisfy and i’m sorry i let you i i think everyone understands this that we have other render chain issues and by the way i’m not attacking anybody living in this country legally or illegally i’m asking questions about perimeters all of us are appalled by the violation of ukraine’s strips you don’t seem as appalled by the breach of our own borders by 10 of millions of beings so let me ask you for the third time sure armed illustration okay then would you support the u.s armed securing the united states border tonight or on the same timetable as mail migs to ukraine how about that uh that’s hypothetical again no it’s a very straightforward question what do you make say it you’re not and you’re reporting but not here you’re giving me the the first the whole segment which is great and i am very grateful very much let’s get back to my proposal i don’t want to miss i am redres you’re not you don’t corroborate routing the us military to the border you don’t i exactly crave our viewers be noted that you’re for defending a foreign country but not our own and i think it’s pretty clear i therefore support it for all the technology we could find so we can lock their own borders we are we’re all the military the veterans the police pressures that we could hire so that we are able protected and shut the border is not simply for beings but fentanyl and child sexuality traffickers so i just told you the proposal is right there it’s there’s technology it’s not so simple as to say you’re gonna made this or that it’s a series of of details a series of engineerings i get it i get it that is for the border all right i agree with your message you know if you’re screening their own borders i’m totally on your slope and thank you for that what are you going to do but let me ask you this let me merely ask you a question can you look why americans who support the ukrainians right to secure their own perimeters i convey i certainly do most people do all americans do can you determine the thwarting that they might feel listening to you a lawmaker say yeah there’s a process but when it happens in a foreign country we have to send billions of the u.s military your lads but we can’t various kinds of do that here because why i symbolize can you sort of understand the resentment a little but i have never said that i want to mail corps our sons to fight in ukraine and we’re standing at the same time stingers and javelins and ammoes and we’re sending a lot you’re misrepresent this invoice that is probably one of the best greenbacks that has been presented when it talks about in-migration reform principle i invite you to read it and invite me back so that we are able discuss the matter all right congresswoman i don’t agree with you but i certainly appreciate your coming on it’s hard to do beings to do that and i and uh and i appreciate that you did thanks of course invite me again so we can continue talking about immigration which is one of the biggest problems we have and if the gop doesn’t realize it we will never win another election again yeah you could actually i think hispanic voters are trending republican because they’re for metes “that youre not” provisioning privilege no it’s not true once again is representing true-blue thanks so much good to see you hey sean hannity here hey click here to subscribe to fox word youtube sheet and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis you will not get it anywhere else

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