The war in Ukraine. Digest 4 for 05.03.2022

With flags against weapons. The defiance of innocent civilians against the Russian occupiers was today in the cities of southern Ukraine Kherson, Berdyansk, Melitopol. The most crowded demonstration took place in Kherson. Thousands of people went to the central square announced Freedom Square to expel the Russian occupiers from Ukraine. The sound of the car and the female spokesperson “Oh” to stop Russian armed paraphernalium Civilians lie under the rotations of material. To intimidate the people of Kherson city, the Russian army fuelled in the air … live broadcast resonate of gunfire but they failed to disperse the expression. And the policeman became the real hero of the working day while carrying the Ukrainian flag in the Russian armored automobile. In additive, as soon as the Russian occupiers penetrated Kherson, they decided to shoot Russian propaganda videos. She drew “humanitarian aid” from Russia, and Russian paths came to film on the spot how they are said to be looking after the city Kherson. But the Ukrainian population did not accept “humanitarian assistance” from the Russiansand also fulfilled it with the Ukrainian flags.Later, locals began insisting the Russians to go where they came from. Our beauty each of us, everything we have is wonderful: no one took anything All the trucks going to be home where they came from Ukraine, Ukraine Russian locals blew up the railways in the Kyiv region. This dawning happened when the residents of the cities of Irben and Bucha were waiting on the evacuation qualify. These are the outskirts of the capital of Kyiv where the fighting is now taking place the most brutal. After the explosion of the rail, volunteers had to evacuate people to the capital of Kyiv by bus. Civilians had to go various kilometers on foot and across the river across the destroyed aqueduct whose Russian aircrafts had bombed in the early days of the war.The same connect was a refuge when the Russians started shooting. Meanwhile, Russian soldiers are trying to collect civilians in their cars and promise to drive them through the “green corridor”, but the locals do not trust this arrangement because they know its danger. Now about 200 Russian barrels and staff members carriers are standing near the city of Irben. They are seeking to affect towards the capital of Kyiv. The Russians shoot unarmed parties. In the village of Novobskov in the Luhansk region, Russian soldiers began shooting at civilians who took to the streets to defend the occupiers who had taken over the hamlet. shot what to do? Novopskov is Ukraine! The shooting continued as local residents tried to rescue the wounded. There are three people in hospital now.We protect ourselves from real villains! They do not care who is in front of them, the foe has no sense of tendernes at all.Take care of yourself! Sergei Gaidai, head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, announced the hour. ExplanationSergei Gaidai is the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration.

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