The war in Ukraine. Digest 2 for 01.03.2022

Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the European Parliament The President of Ukraine addressed the parliamentarians via video relate We are now fighting for survival, this is our main motivation but we are struggling to be equal members of Europe but we are struggling to be equal members of Europe. 0:31 I think today we are showing everyone that we exist, the European Union will be stronger for us. Without you, Ukraine will be alone. We’ve confirmed our strength, and we’ve proven that we’re at least looks just like you. Prove that you are with us that you do not leave us Prove that you are truly European, and then life will overcome extinction and the world will overcome darkness” It was adopted by the European Parliament and a special procedure for accession has now begun. In the suburbs of Kyiv, Vyshhorod, the Ukrainian army stopped a group of Russian helicopters near the Kyiv tank. The Ukrainian army managed to destroy two planes.This is not the first struggle by the Russians to destroy the dyke near the Ukrainian capital: if it is destroyed, the flood will has contributed to huge damages and mar – it will spate residential areas in Kyiv and suburbs Russian Justification Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Russian army is only bombing Military installations with high-precision weapons Ukrainians show what their residences look like after the Russian army bombed Here is an apartment destroyed by a missile in Vasylkiev town near Kyiv And these photos are from Kalinovka, a small town near Vasilkov After the bombing the house was completely destroyed The body of the hostess was found under the rubble, what Still searching for her husband’s body

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