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europe was not going in this way after globe battle ii and now once more they'' re going that means we ' re all appreciating it when it truly happens we say you'' re surprised you ' re stunned without war a great deal of individuals can not make it through if this one and this one does not fix their troubles the'world ' s troubles are never gone what i take into consideration perhaps even symbolically like a symbolic message that uh among one of the most abundant probably the most abundant dirt on the earth is now in the nation which is now in battle in ukraine so what perhaps what can we say concerning that or is it i i based upon my details like the uh extremely abundant ukraine depends on 4 meters uh the black so the one of the most fertile so on the planet so exactly how do we what do we do see things is this when countries throughout the globe almost without exception the good news is europe was not going this way after globe battle ii today as soon as again they'' re going in this way nearly every country has actually spent enormous amount of money in building and stockpiling arms armaments bombs missiles clever bombs i put on'' t know just how a bomb can be wise it ' s a dumbest point to do it is the dumbest thing to do [Applause] see a minimum of if i select a battle with you with a sword or a stick or something there is some unrefined animalistic pleasure attached to it a thousand individuals are sitting below you simply drop a bomb every one of them died i put on'' t know what is clever concerning that i can not recognize this but they are speaking concerning wise bombs where they are saying from two miles overhead they can go down the bomb right into your residence with the home window they'' re extremely happy with this so this is not one nation throughout the world all right so everyone ask individuals were most of us thinking all these bombs are being maintained for enjoyment for display or it'' s art work what did you think someday it will certainly be used yes or no it needs to be used somewhere the concern is on whom the concern is not whether it will certainly be made use of or otherwise the inquiry is just where and on whom isn'' t it so when it is loading up we are all alright with it in every flick there is no film without a bomb or at the very least a shattered face we are all enjoying it when it really happens we state we'' re shocked we ' re shocked it doesn ' t job like that life this'is why i ' m informing you concerning the soil will certainly you regret after the calamity or will certainly you be that generation will turn the catastrophe around this is all the selection we have since this is our time on earth just how we do our life is our life isn'' t it so battles are nearly inescapable since economies are developed on battle without battle a great deal of people can not make it through the largest sector and also the earth is arms and weaponries how will certainly you not utilize it if i am making guns and also bullets as well as i sell it to you as well as you don'' t shoot a single bullet i ' m dissatisfied with you hey there this occurred i was at the globe financial discussion forum at that time this sudanese battle was going on you recognize horrible war over uh 2600 000 individuals passed away out of which 50 were children below 6 years old can you defeat it 130 000 children die in one war so [Music] back then some you recognize motion picture stars as well as others are going there and bring one you recognize an african kid is always a prize you carry this youngster and also take media event as well as all this is happening as well as they showed a video where all these militants or soldiers or whatever you wish to call them they'' re simply entering these pick-up vehicles simply contending the skies alright i claimed see these guys if i have a fight with you a minimum of i require to shoot you if i'' m shooting the sky that suggests i have abundant supply of bullets isn'' t it bountiful supply or else i won'' t be firing the clouds if i'' m battling a war when i shoot i want someone to die indeed or no hi i'' m not i ' m not mosting likely to contend the sky yet they ' re shooting at the sky with automatic weapons continually i stated see somebody'' s providing them plenty good or else no one will contend the sky i said there are 62 sectors in the world who manufacture that caliber of bullet i will provide you the addresses will certainly you go and also secure them up no you will most likely to the battle zone as well as get a kid and also do dramatization all you require to do is if you eliminate the bullets as soon as that runs out possibly they will certainly hack each various other yet you can'' t eliminate that many hacking at least if you can'' t change the human going to the very least you need to defang him isn'' t it hello there yep deep means you remove his feet at least if if makeover is feasible great if that is not feasible a minimum of his empowerment you ought to bring it down isn'' t it so we have no intent of quiting the war let'' s be clear about that when it happens to us or when it happens close to us we will sob when it'' s taking place somewhere else it ' s drama this merciless attitude towards war and to eliminating as well as the suffering that other people experience should we have to appear of that because most evil things have taken place not necessarily due to the fact that of wicked purposes just apathy you sleep with life he'' s sleeping a criminal offense hello there you rest a crime hello there no rest is a great thing but if you sleep via your life your life is a disaster that is what is happening to the world both in terms of dirt both in regards to and also in regards to battle this is what is occurring we rest via after globe war ii we formed organization of countries we made unified nations the idea was never once more such battles will certainly occur right not just for europe for the whole globe never once more it will happen but ever since how numerous wars in fact if you check out it there'' s not been a solitary day ' s break on this world after globe war ii without a minimum of a fight going on someplace so we have problems we have economic issues we have residential or commercial property problems we have issues okay this is the concept of setting up the joined countries that we will certainly fight with our words and address our troubles we are not in such a la la land that we wear'' t have any type of concerns we have problems we really have problems isn ' t it that two sets of people believe this is it that is it there however this is the concept of establishing up a system which would solve troubles what has taken place have we pushed it sideways as well as doing what we intend to consume each various other so 20th century 21st century when it started everyone claimed this is 21st century this is the age of details this is technology this that no battles tell me the number of wars in 21st century the number of nations have actually been destroyed in 21st century numerous a lot of too numerous for 22 years isn'' t it so exactly how do we get up see these are things that you can'' t transform around overnight but initial thing is within your hearts your anger as well as disgust must go i must tell you this i utilized to attend a whole lot of globe tranquility meetings at once for about two years 2 as well as a fifty percent years i went to a whole lot of international meetings then i saw for a great deal of people this conference jumping itself is a profession they'' re making a living out of it i'' m the only pinhead resting there believing we are working for world tranquility [Praise] i remained in a very popular conference 42 nobel laureates were participating and a couple of ex-heads of state as well as all that stuff due to the fact that when they are president they will do war after they retire they will certainly speak peace this has actually been the means of the globe so i was below as well as this is the 3rd day afternoon one certain uh nobel laureate it'' s his term to count on speak as well as afterwards i am talking so he came up and also uh there is no this podium is a little subjected a proper huge podium you know the wood point so he went and stood behind that as well as he opened his data he looked down he never ever raised his head up he read 42 pages and i was sitting in the front row attempting to understand every word i'' m watching every page 42 web pages he turned then i browse the hall is absolutely relaxed because everybody except the protection and also a few team that are standing everyone has actually gone to sleep after that i thought this is world peace for certain after that my turn to talk came and i stated see in the last three days i'' ve heard a lot of overblown speeches concerning creating globe peace yet i am asking you truly the number of of you can place your hand on your heart and claim your mind is peaceful since if your mind is not peaceful if you can'' t make your mind serene making the damn world calm runs out question due to the fact that what you are seeing worldwide is a bigger manifestation of what'' s happening in human minds isn'' t it if there are you understand human beings on this planet globe is tranquil isn'' t it then i asked then i inquired why in the mid-day session everybody has slept uniformly you recognize there was a certain unity about it other than me as well as this viewers he'' s not a speaker a reader everybody has slept then i ask what happened he claimed no sadhguru the other day night there was a bakari festival oh complimentary drink so everyone became tranquil [Laughter] that was the last world peace meeting i'' ve gone into so like let us make the wish to make our minds calm internationally and i think all god wishes to no this is the whole thing we can'' t make everybody ' s mind relaxed you can make your own calm i can make mind peaceful she can make hers serene this is the only method it works this is the issue we talk regarding a world we speak regarding a society we speak about a human mankind no all these are just vocabulary there are only human beings if this one and also this set does not address their issues the globe'' s troubles are never ever gone it will certainly manifest in numerous means [Praise] [Songs] hi [Songs]

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