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tweet. from the Minister of Foreign Affairs. of Ukraine and it says I welcome Germany’s move to suspend the certification of Nord stream to This is a morally. politically and essentially, remedy gradation to the current events. true-life leadership means tough decisions and difficult times. Germany’s move. proves precisely that And this is separating report right now. That is just made our table. Germany has officially halted. the certification of Russia’s Nord stream. to pipeline. Now. The West is already show that it is is prepared to Target. Russia’s exertion. industry. even at the jeopardy of hurting its own economy. as Germany has confirmed, it will halt this a certification of the pipe following moscow’s wars in Ukraine. yesterday. This is a aim repeat from Chancellor Olaf Schultz, quote with regards to the recent developments.We need to reassess the place likewise with regard to Nordstrom to it clangs unusually technocratic, but it is the necessary administrative gradation in degree to stop. certification of the pipeline. Now, this 750 mile pipeline was completed back in September, it has not Not received final certification. and that certification has, as we can bring to you live on live Now from container been halted. without that natural gas cannot overflow through the Baltic Sea grapevine from Russia to Germany. Now, it’s worth observe that Germany is Russia’s biggest gas client. and it has stood drawing and it to into the world political. speech. It has been exceedingly hush-hush on whether the government has were really halt this grapevine. but we did now earlier this week that this would happen and it has indeed been done.So this is information that we can bring to you. live raw and unfiltered here on live now from Fox. Now we do demand to “ve brought you” out to Kiev Ukraine which is something we are, of course, checking the place. highly closely And here’s a A live. Look at the Ukrainian capital. Vladimir Putin is determining. provoking moves in eastern Ukraine, attaining a perilous statu. even more. involved. How will the West greeting That is the question today. And we previously are learning some responses are Fox News reporter and Griff. Jenkins has more on this storey from Washington. Jenkins has more on the floor from Washington.With NATO allies. coin. the light sky narad nearest public A fight Only got a lot more. likely as the world watches and waits. Russian President Vladimir Putin. ratified a decree. recognizing to separatist regions in Ukraine as independent. some festivities broke out in the region While others absconded fearing cruelty. Putin. Justified the action. Outcome with an Ode to the age-old Soviet Consolidation Modern Ukraine was entirely been established by Russia. More precisely. Bolshevik communist, Russia. this as Putin deploys Russian precise Bolshevik communist Russia as Putin deploys Russian magnetisms in countries of the region drawing International denunciation at an disaster session of the UN Security Council. He announces them peacekeepers. This is nonsense. We know what they certainly are President Biden, indicated a restriction director guild. Barring the u.s. From doing business with the Breakaway areas and its collaborators. My guess is Putin is simply going to see make the Abbas region for now. but I think he’s going to see see how that travels. He’s going to meet what toll, he offer the Diplomatic path is still ongoing but probably in vain. the u.s. Moved Embassy personnel out of Ukraine into Poland. overnight. and the B Administration has apparently discussed intentions, for Ukrainian chairman, zielinski to flee. Eve, if required. This, as the Kremlin ratchets up its case for a full-blown assault. This is looking very much like a fait accompli. Where Vladimir Putin can do as he wishes. despite the hope for a diplomatic move forward. The White House is spouting cold spray on the possibility of a summit between Biden and Putin Is they ready? The next round of sanctions? in Washington Griff Jenkins? Fox snooze. and I do just wanted to generating myself back into the discussion now Griff Jenkins, joins us live now Griff. My firstly and foremost, The question is, are those diplomatic alternatives currently off the table. We know that last-minute this week Secretary of State Anthony blinken was to converge with Russian adjust administrator. that gratify was exclusively going to see make lieu if Russia should not occupy Is that intersect now off the counter? Hey, Gabi, good morning. Well, the White House certainly seem to have been be running cold ocean. on that diplomatic direction. of any prospect of a Biden Putin. Summit, let alone. that. expected rally between. lavrov and blinkin now. the commonwealth agency isn’t mentioning, the White House was asked specifically about that about an hour ago. They shelved to the state department And I thoughts the reason why the territory district is not specifically addressing it is a good deal has percolated in the last 24 hours, and any escalation on Putin’s? behalf, certainly. therefore recommended that there has not been able to be a there blinking assemble in that the Diplomatic road is further Shut down. So we wait. and watch obviously. but I do think that as we wait likewise from the White House to examine what sort of next round of sanctions. comes out of them That may also perhaps. further. suggests that there will not be a fill. We only don’t know right now. Right. and it is certainly is a waiting game. You only spoke about those sanctions. Now, the sanctions measures were settled in locate and confirmed by the White House yesterday, but those sanctions are actually two those two regions to the Donetsk and luhansk. parts When can we expect sanctions to be targeted directly at Russia? Like we are seeing Germany do with Nord stream to that. We time crack a pair of times ago here live on our air. and on our consider the u.k. Right now in the House of Commons discussing. What can we expect the United States? to? trigger those? Swift and unprecedented? sanctions? Well, the White House says highly soon perhaps. any time? this morning. Gabby merely just a moment ago. White House, Press Secretary Jin’s sake making to Twitter in action to the smash story out of Germany. saying that we have been in close consultation with Germany. overnight and welcome their proclamation. She says we will be following up with our own criteria today, but as you rightly moment out the executive order, that President Biden published yesterday, particularly The to merely targeting the to separatist regions of DPR and LPR. saying that the US would that do business with them. That is certainly not something that is going to restrain Putin who clearly has expressed. He has relatively vast Passions with the our long biography. reading. That was more of an Ode to the old-fashioned. Soviet Union. Now. which is what these sanctions? examination like coming out of the White House and whether the government has are severe enough for naught is going to be the topic of not only worldwide. ation, but likewise, certainly bipartisan endeavor here, because we don’t know. Also what the Congress is intended to do. We’ve seen once. even member states the president’s own party Democrats saying they miss to see. much tougher sanctions. than the ones that were questioned yesterday. I belief, right now, it’s just issues and questions. of exactly what the timeline exactly what Because this tweet from reason. suggest that this is all really on a strategy to calculated response. but patently Germany’s bulletin is significant because it is by far. the most significant move yet by any Western Country. to reward Putin for what he did. yesterday. Right. And are talking here about means. How does the US design to ensure the security of? Americans in Ukraine? We are getting word that u.s. Embassy government officials to been moved to. Poland. Is that the latest inform on Americans on the sand in Ukraine during this awfully unstable go. It’s a big question Gabby And I don’t think any one precisely known to be. the u.s. Is going to see impede Americans Is They’ve been telling Americans to get out, but you spoke about. diplomatic. functionings. recollect that? The u.s. Moved Embassy staff? out of Kiev the capital city of Ukraine. all the way west to l’viv which is exactly near the western side of Ukraine near Poland, a strong us Ally where we can quickly get to then overnight. We read them move that Envy staff into Poland. proposing. they’re even More concerned, that Putin may extend much furthest. than only this. Eastern. to separatist neighborhoods. that you mentioned. And so as of providing security of Americans, I think it’s getting tougher and tougher. to precisely say how they would be protected. and you also, have reports more and more. commercial-grade airlines are halting flights in and out of Kiev. So, I foresee that’s going to be a question.that is going to proliferate. more difficult to rebuttal in the coming days. if not hours. It certainly is Griff. Thank you so much for the inside Will be touching cornerstone throughout the week. as this always evolving situation. does reaching, New Heights? Have a immense date . .

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