Poland wants to send fighter jets to Ukraine: Biden angry


The Pentagon scorned surpriseannouncement of Poland that it would give the United District its MiG-2 9 fighter jets for usage byUkraine, a uncommon showing of disharmony by NATO collaborators seeking to boost Ukrainian fighterswhile avoiding getting caught up in a wider war with Russia. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Polandsdeclaration that it intended to deliver the 28 spurts to the U.S. Ramstein Air Base in Germanyraised the concerning prospect of warplanes deviating from a U.S. and NATO base to flyinto airspace struggled with Russia in the Ukraine conflict. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, Wewill continue to consult with Poland and our other NATO collaborators about this issue and thedifficult logistical challenges it presents, but we do not imagine Polands proposalis a tenable one. The proposed talent of more warplanes wouldbe a morale booster for Ukrainians under pounding Russian assault for nearly two weeks. But the committee is also develops the hazards of the fight expandingbeyond Ukraine. Russia has declared that supporting Ukrainesair force would be tantamount to joining the war, and could stimulus retaliation. White House officials were blindsided by thePolish notice on the MiGs.The proposal did not come up during talkswith Secretary of State Antony Blinken when he was recently in Poland, according to aU.S. official familiar with the talks. The U.S. official, who spoke on the conditionof anonymity, said White House officials should not fantasize project proposals would easily solvethe logistical challenges of providing aircraft to Ukraine. U.S. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nulandtold lawmakers at a hearing on the Ukraine crisis she learned of Polands plans onlywhile driving to the hearing.Ukraine has been pleading for more warplanesas it resists mightier Russian forces-out. Washington has been looking at a proposalunder which Poland would supply Ukraine with the MiG-2 9s and in turn receive American F-1 6sto make up for their loss. Ukrainian pilots are trained to fly the Soviet-erafighter jets. The Polish Foreign Ministry announced theplan in a statement posted, which indicated by the jets would be delivered to Ramstein free of charge.It said, At the same time, Poland requeststhe United Mood to provide us with used aircraft with harmonizing operational capabilities. The Polish authority also was called upon to otherowners of MIG-2 9 jets to follow suit. NATO members Bulgaria and Slovakia too stillhave Soviet-made fighter jets in their air force. Poland publicly hovered its plan the day beforeVice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to depart for Warsaw for talks with Polish officials. The unplug is likely to add an awkwardlayer to the talks, which were expected to focus principally on U.S. efforts to help Polandand other eastern European societies that have taken in some 2 million refugees since thewar started. Additional air-defense abilities are apriority for Ukraines armed right now, the countrys defense attache in Washington, General Borys Kremenetskyi, told The Associated Press after returning from a fulfill at thePentagon.He said, It can be ground-based air-defensesystems. It can be fighter jets, whatever possible. Ukraine likewise needs additional anti-tank, anti-armorweapons, and coastal justification capabilities to defend against Russian ships in the south, he said. The handover of Polands 28 Soviet-madeMiG-2 9s would signal Western resolve to do more for Ukraine. Militarily, however, the number of planesoffered would make it unlikely to be a game-changer. And MiG-2 9s are inferior to more sophisticatedRussian aircraft and could be easy prey for Russian captains and Russian rockets. A senior U.S. defense official has said Ukrainiansare flying relatively few of their existing aircraft, for relatively little time, as it is. The defense official, who spoke on conditionof anonymity to discuss the U.S. analysi, said here today possible that Ukraine does notneed more planes and would benefit most from more of the weapons it works effectively everyday, including anti-aircraft Stinger and anti-tank Javelin rockets. The official also said that Russia currentlyhas the capacity to reach almost the entire country of Ukraine with its surface-to-airmissiles, including from within Russia and from carries in the Black Sea.Any MiG transfer is fraught with complications. Neither NATO nor the European Union wantsto be seen as directly involved in such a transaction, which would aggressively grow alreadyextreme pressures with Russia. In order to retain the pretense that NATOand the EU are not direct participants in the Ukraine conflict, U.S. and Polish officialshave been considering a variety of options. One begins with the donation of PolandsMiGs to the United Nation, as Poland announced. Under one scenario, Poland would deliver thefighter jets to the U.S. base in Germany, where they would be repainted and pilot toa non-NATO , non-EU country. Ukrainian pilots would then come to fly themto Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he didnot support a proposal from Poland to deliver Soviet-era MiG-2 9 fighter jets to Ukrainevia the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Speaking at a press conference in Berlin alongsideCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Scholz said Germany had already sent defensive weaponsand significant financial support and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.He said, “Apart from that, we have to thinkvery carefully about “what were doing”, and this certainly does not include fighter jets.” Also Trudeau said Canada will continue tosend equipment and artilleries to Ukraine by driving alongside its partners. He said, “We want to de-escalate the conflict, we want an terminate to this conflict.” On the other side, more than 1 million peoplehave traversed from Ukraine into Poland since the Russian invasion began on 24 February, the Polish mete patrol said here today. Poland, which shares a 310 -mile border withUkraine, has taken in the majority of the 1.7 million people who have left their homessince the struggle began, with facilitate attempts largely operated by volunteers, as well as NGOs andmunicipalities.Traffic on the Polish-Ukrainian borderis growing, merely today 42,000 people arrived in Poland from Ukraine, the border guard tweeted. Poland has announced plans to set up a 1.7 billion USD fund for people fleeing Ukraine, including the provision of a one-off paymentof 65 USD for each refugee. Minister Lukasz Schreiber said, Our initialassumption is that the fund we will set up will amount to about 1.7 billion USD. That will finance the most urgent suppliesand lodging but also access to the labor market, social benefits, and education. The Polish government plans to introduce anaid container to money meat and temporary cottages along with measures to allow refugees to worklegally and access public healthcare and social assistance.The bill, which would also render one-offbenefits for each refugee and financial help for those hosting Ukrainians, will be approvedby parliament in a fast-track legislative procedure. The exodus from Ukraine is the fastest-growingrefugee crisis in Europe since the second world war, according to the UN. Vast numbers of Ukrainian civilians have beenfleeing metropolis under bombardment, includes the besieged coastal metropolitan of Mariupol. Data indicated Polish perimeter wards cleared asmany as 142,300 at border crossings, the most in a single period since the fighting began, and 129,000 parties. Filippo Grandi, the UN high commissioner forrefugees, thanked Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish “ministers “, for Polands generouswelcome to refugees from Ukraine. Officials have said most people have arrivedin Poland with lieu to be done in order to, but Grandi has points out that stretching numerals would putpressure on governments to absorb them.Over the weekend, at the busiest of Polandsborder crossings, beings streamed past chests of robes laid down by along a track, as Scoutshanded out hot tea, food, and toiletries. At the nearby town of Przemyl, NGOs saidpeople needed rest, menu, and friendlines. Dominika Chylewska, head of communicationsfor Caritas Poland, in Przemyl, said people had traveled for up to 48 hours and neededplaces to get warm and sleep. A onetime supermarket 12 miles from the borderhad been opened to refugees for short-term stands, she said, and the transport was beingprovided by the authorities. Chylewska said, their squads were dishing up1, 800 liters of soup at the instruct station and delivering 20,000 sandwiches to otherborder points every day. But mental support will be needed, particularly for children, she added.The flow of beings towards the border hasbeen driven by what appears to be the deliberate targeting of civilians by Russian pressures acrossthe country ..

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