Not a good Idea: Leopards 2 for Ukraine

In 2018, 2019 as well as 2020 I was invited by the
Panzermuseum Munster. Yes, I need to state this due to Austrian
laws. In this video clip we will certainly check out the Leopard
2, especially the variant A4. Considering that, Spain just recently introduced that they
are thinking of sending out a few of the Leopard 2A4 that were in storage to Ukraine. We additionally consider the staminas and also weak points
of this alternative especially in connection with the battlefields in Ukraine as well as this will
likewise bring us touching a few other popular German tanks, particularly the Tiger, because
apparently there are some significant parallels below according to one Leopard 2 team participant. So, I will certainly take a closer look at his declarations. Realize that this manuscript was written on the
8th of June 2022 and therefore the details on the sale discussion likely will be dated,
the various other parts need to remain relevant, so ideally utilize the chapter system. Since 9th June 2022, I could find no information
concerning this issue. Allow us check out the political circumstance briefly. On the 5th June 2022 Reuters reported that
Spain is thinking of sending out 40 Leopard 2 storage tanks to Ukraine.According to various other resources these Leopards must be Leopard 2A4s, so a Leopard version that is additionally in operation by other Western nations like Austria. Although, the Spanish Leopard 2s were mothballed a while back. In overall Spain received 108 Leopard 2A4 from Germany in 1995/1996. According to one article from the Spanish Ministry of Defense from October 2012, at least 53 of these Leopard 2s were stored with a view to potentially adjusting them to be engineering tanks and also bridge layers. According to an additional website this program was terminated, as well as 53 tanks must be kept in long-term storage to maintain them operational for at least 5 years, that report was November 2013. Since 8th June 2022, the initially introduced variety of 40 Leopard 2s has actually dramatically gone down, the most recent record stands at an optimum of 10 Leopard twos that are in poor problem. In addition, Germany would certainly have approve the transfer and so far Germany did not receive a demand by Spain. Realize that Spain additionally has greater than 200 Leopard twos in active duty, but those are a subvariant of the Leopard 2A6, specifically the Leopard 2E or likewise called the Leopard 2A6E, which is especially adjusted for the needs of the Spanish Army.Let us check out some basic info about the Leopard 2A4.
The first Leopard 2s entered service in the German Military in 1980
, so 42 years earlier. The Leopard 2A4 is currently the most standard variation of the Leopard 2, because all previous variations specifically 2A0 to 2A3 were updated to the Leopard 2A4 standard.
These upgrades were executed in the late 1980ies to the very early
1990ies, the first upgrades for the Leopard 2A5 happened in the mid 1990ies. The Leopard was exported as well as was and is operated in several nations from close next-door neighbors of Germany like Austria, Poland, Switzerland, but likewise as away as Canada and Singapore. Note there are lots of more nations in overall. So, allow us take a look at the staminas as well as weak points of the Leopard 2A4 particularly for service in Ukraine. For this I asked active as well as former solution members about their opinions as well as attempted to verify those opinions with information as well as other information. Let us start with the pros. The initial one is, it is a storage tank, and one could likewise say it is a rather contemporary container. It is certainly much better than Leopard 1, for a lot more about the Leopard 1 have a look at this video.Yet, of training course, the Leopard 2A4 is much less capable than more modern Leopard 2 versions like A5, A6 or also A7. Yet, more of this in the disadvantages area. Because of its age and also broad availability if a.
Leopard 2A4 obtains captured little to no vital information will be obtained by the Russian.
Army. Although, capturing a modern-day German fight.
storage tank especially one named after a famous cat would most likely utilized for publicity.
purposes.One could also

keep in mind that the firepower of.
the 120mm Rheinmetall L/44 smoothbore is substantial and should have the ability to manage most otherwise.
all existing Russian containers also frontally. But that presumes it is outfitted with the most recent.
ammo as well as this may be an issue, which we look at in the disadvantages. When it involves armor defense, I had a.
difficult time locating particular data: “The hull case of the Leopard 2A4 consists.
of welded armoured-steel plates, and also it includes composite armour at the front.” Normally, against older ammo the Leopard.
2A4 ought to be safeguarded if it is hit from the front. As a result of a lack of legitimate information, my informed hunch.
is that the Leopard 2A4 is most likely in the above standard in terms of security versus APFSDS. Naturally, Russian tanks equipped with Kontakt-5.
armor like the T-72B3, the T-90 and also certainly the T-80U are plainly much better off.When it concerns protection versus hollow-charge. rounds, the Leopard 2A4
is likely on the lower end, given that a great deal of tanks in Ukraine. are furnished with a minimum of Kontakt-1 responsive shield since that is particularly made to beat. hollow-charge warheads.
Yet, this possibly might be altered if the. Ukrainians would certainly add their very own eruptive responsive armor obstructs to the Leopard. Namely the Nizh which implies blade dynamite. responsive armor, like the Russian Kontakt-5 it not
only gives protection versus hollow. fee rounds, but also armor-piercing rounds.
One weakness of the Leopard 2A4 is that it. still uses hydraulic for the turret controls, this comes with the fire hazards and also various other. problems contrasted to an electrical system like in the Leopard 2A5. Yet, the hydraulic system resembles other. systems being used in Ukraine. The Leopard 2A4 in total includes good. staff security too. There are two locations for the ammo one in the. front of the hull and one at the rear of the turret, the last one is safeguarded by blow-out. panels. This implies the explosion would be guided. in an outward direction and also the team needs to not be hurt, if none of the system is damaged or poorly. operated.One location the Leopard 2A4 is especially strong.
is in its wheelchair. The optimum rate for the Leopard 2A4 is offered.
at 68 kph as well as backwards it goes to 31 kph, which is good for shoot and also scoot.
Know that according to other sources this. not always the actual optimum speed, higher worths need to be possible. With a combat weight of 55 metric bunches and also. about 1475 horsepower, it includes a power to weight ratio of 26.8.
In contrast the T-72B3 has about 25.1. Additionally, trials by the Swedes revealed. that the Leopard showed an excellent movement for terrain in the northern parts of Sweden with. soft soil and deep snow.So, because regard, the Leopard 2A4 remains in.
the top rate below.

Now, allow us check out the cons following. First off, is the weight, since this is.
a major downside in many relates to. The Leopard 2A4 has a battle weight of 55.
statistics lots. In contrast the T-80U and also T-90 have around.
with 46, whereas the initial T-64 had about 38, although the up-to-date Ukrainian T-64BM.
Bulat has 45. The values for the T-72 are comparable, after.
all the T-90 is a modernized T-72. So, you most likely see a pattern below, namely.
that the T-tanks have a weight of around 45 metric lots. So, why is this an issue? Well, for two simple reasons, initially the facilities,.
almost all bridges were built around these weight limitations:.
” In the Ukraine the total gross vehicle weight (vehicle, chassis, container, genset.
as well as freight incorporated) for road haulage should not exceed 44,000 kg. Somewhat larger payloads may be feasible,.
but these will rely on the combined weight of the particular devices being used.”.
Large thank you below to Tobias for making me aware of this. Now, this indicates that both the tactical as well as.
functional movement of the Leopard 2A4 is considerably hampered.Since it would call for enhancing of bridges. to be able to safely cross them.
Moreover, it might also cause accidents. that damage or damages bridges.
This possibly sounds familiar to my normal. audience, and this is where the link to the Tiger comes up, to price estimate Roman Töppel. on his book regarding the Battle of Kursk (1943 ):” Building and construction helps the 60-tonne bridge. for the Tigers of the second Business of the 503rd Hefty Panzer
Battalion could not be wrapped up. by the time the assault began; as the Soviet artillery kept shelling
the bridging website,. work needed to be briefly suspended. The 2nd bridge, with a haul of 24 tonnes,. was marked for the light as well as tool tanks […] However, among the Tiger leaders. […] obviously did not want to wait idly on the western side of the Donets River while. the infantrymen of the 19th Panzer Department […] [suffered] hefty casualties. “Yet, the issues don’t stop right here. Considering that not only is the Russian and Ukrainian. framework is built around these weight restrictions of around 45 metric heaps, the. same opts for their connecting tools, bridge layers and also recuperation lorries as well.As such, there is not really a choice.

to cross rivers, additionally should a Leopard 2A4 be paralyzed, it would be tough to recoup. too. Something we also recognize rather well from the.
Tiger and specifically the Königstiger.
Simply put it would certainly call for substantial prep work. to bring the Leopard 2A4 right into action, furthermore reinforcing the bridges might tip off the. Russian pressures. Furthermore, for counter-attacks and also other.
mobile procedures this likely indicates a no.
As such, much of the top qualities of the Leopard. 2A4 might not be totally manipulated. As formerly stated in the firepower classification,. there are some problems. The Spanish Leopard 2A4s utilize APFSDS
from Israel. as well as Israel currently is not supplying ammo to Ukraine, this would suggest ammunition from. various other maker requires to be made use of. This adjustment is very simple, because the Leopard. 2 shooting control was built with the eventuality in mind of needing to
fire international ammunition. case of World Battle 3. This need to be rather easy if a manufacturer. is located, but it might also spend some time and also of program additional makes complex the supply-chain.
There is additionally the concern of training, the Leopard. 2A4 is a commonly different to the T-64, T-72 as well as other cars currently in use by the.
Ukrainian armed force. Unless there enough foreign volunteers with. experience on the Leopard 2A4, it would require a substantial amount of training time, given that. it is extensively different system. Because of the wide adoption of the Leopard 2. it might really be the instance that enough educated international volunteers are in Ukraine. Because case this point is actually not a. downside. The next part is regarding extra parts and maintainability. Right here the point of views of the people I asked diverged.
the most. One suggests there ought to be adequate spare parts. due to the numerous upgrades from A4s to far better variants,
whereas another one mentions that. there could be not nearly enough given that some parts are not produced anymore.Generally, I think there ought to be sufficient. readily available theoretically, however the primary cautions are:. This is especially vital due to the final 2 cons. First, it seems that the Leopard 2A4 from.
Spain are in poor shape, second, the original number was around 40 tanks, but the most current. reports dropped to a maximum of 10 storage tanks. So generally, a business.
Now, these allow felines, they eat a lot of. resources, so this would certainly imply
a huge drainpipe on the logistical system of Ukraine. Also unlike the Panzerhaubitze 2000 which. preferably is positioned at the very least a little bit behind the front, the Leopard 2 would certainly be extra in the. front, therefore it would certainly be engaged likely much more usually, so maintenance would extra.
hard, more crucial as well as much more time-critical as well.Particularly the absence of capable armored healing.
lorries is a concern below. To summarize, the Leopard 2A4 especially. with an excellent quantity of modern-day ammunition as well as Nizh responsive shield included would be

a powerful. container in the battle in Ukraine.
Even a Leopard 2A4 without additional reactive. armor may be on the top
of the food web right now, yet it really depends upon the amount of. of the better geared up Russian containers were shed so far. If many of the T-72B3s, T-80s and also T-90s are.
just rusted hulks, after that this feline would be awesome. But taking into consideration the reduced numbers and also the poor. shape of the presently recommended Leopard 2A4s from Spain. I do not believe it is an especially excellent. choice. If we are talking regarding the preliminary suggested. number of 40 containers, one can suggest it may be worth it, yet with simply 10 containers at best,. so a tank firm, I am uncertain if the price exceeds the advantages. It might be the case since I am not totally. knowledgeable about the circumstance in Ukraine, their logistical abilities and also several various other aspects at play.
here.Keep in mind that Ukraine currently has a huge. mix of different equipment and weapons. And also normally huge felines like the Leopard 2.
are a logistical headache, so a total added supply and service chain has to

be presented, yet simply for a handful of tanks, the question is if it is worth it. If it is part of a preliminary delivery that. will certainly adhered to up by even more, this transforms the situation of training course. I hope you found out something new. Huge thanks below to the former Leopard 2. gunner Tobias as well as the Panzergrenadier Kampf with Kette for giving different understandings.
on the abilities and troubles with the Leopard 2A4 as well as responding to numerous of my questions. Thanks to Andrew for evaluating the script. as well as offering excellent comments. Thanks to the former Leopard 2 commander.
Alex for additional information.Thank you to the Panzermuseum Munster for. welcoming me in 2019 and 2020. Special many thanks to all my supporters for making.
trips to galleries and the military archives feasible. As constantly sources are listed in the summary,. thanks for seeing and

see you following time.

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