NATO-Speerspitze übt den Ernstfall: Logistik räumt von hinten auf – Bundeswehr

Nobel Jump 2019. At 30 measures in the subtlety, some soldiers in action clothings start sweating. The logisticians have set up a transhipment place in Upper Lusatia for the large-scale exercisein Poland. Brave Departure is the name of thelogistics exercise for the project. The commanding officer of the logistics army supports the task forcewith his soldiers. “As part of the VJTF, it is also our job to support the deployment of the action brigade, the VJTF brigade. It’s about wreaking the various managerial areas together in a common “area” and lending equips, handing over renders, uptake complement, restore. In other messages, to provide the entire spectrum of logistical works now and that’s why I’m very happy that we’re here.” Two A400M are requested for the rehearsal. Over 130 soldiers areflown in from Munster. They take part in the use in Poland. “The cooperation is excellent. The breeze control train in particular already knows most of the aviators from the A400M, although we haven’t seen it that often.” From the Rothenburg airfield near Grlitz to thecamp in Upper Lusatia. There are the vehicles of the task force.”Behind me is a Mercedes Benz Actros and a 12.5 ton trailer from Cargo Bull. This is the carrier vehicle for our sail rig, for mend gear, for fleet trucks. Basically, we have standard tools that you could theoretically use anywhere and then we have tools that are brand-specific, so that we can then carry out repair exercises and then truly the most common ones from A to Z.The school in Aachen, together with the vehicle fleet, have already thought about that we have the most important things herewe were in Norway for three months and we are satisfied.” In addition to the transport of massive equipment and containers, catering is also required. Our job with my team here is to ensure the catering. We started with EPA, are now in the group catering phase and, as I said, my parties parcel that up every day for the concentrations. We have the lunch module now. Green beans for lunch, plus beef as an ingredient and then a bockwurst in their own skin for everyone. Packet is always designed for 20 people. We need the drinks and the heated portion of the nutrient in the field kitchen, so my parties are currently separating. They separate the warm part and then pack up the freezing percentage, educate it for the skewers, where we’ll go in a moment, where the company will be. We put it there and at the lunch and dinner meters the skewers are given times and we prepare them and then they get luscious meat. Then here come the skewers, all for the companies. Here “were having” our site proposal, how many pick up when and over here are the individual companionships. First, second, fifth, where they pick up their menu and then distribute it to their soldiers themselves. The menu is picked up one by one. The concocts feed up to 800 soldiers every day. Railcars, moved and wheeled, arrivetwo to three times a day. The servicewomen and men of the cover companyare constantly on duty and learnt on all vehicles. Centimeter by centimeter they drive off thewagon. You don’t have to lose any time, because thecrews of the vehicles have to continue towards Poland. “It’s not just significant challenges, it’s actually awesome because you notice a great deal of changes, because you really rehearse the boundaries, but you too notice a lot of things where there’s, what do you call it, friction. It’s very nice for me to see the ability of my soldiers to improvise when such resistance pass. The skill of improvisation is a virtue ofsoldiers. By the end of the year, they must be flexibleand ever ready for action for the VJTF – NATO’s rapid reaction force ..

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