I ‘have no idea’ why US is posing as the ‘tip of the spear’ to help Ukraine: Christian Whiton


well here now onetime state department senior advisor christian grey and christian always huge to see you i miss to go right to something the wall st. journal editorial editorial committee wrote they said quote the bigger problem in this and they’re talking about the mig aircrafts now the bigger problem is the message this rout sends to mr putin about nato instead of dissuade mr putin mr biden is letting the russian deter the u.s your thoughts on how this is playing out and what it makes when it comes to these fighter flows stuck in poland right now well you know i think it is a poor messaging it’s unfortunate that this disclosed out there is a reason a lot of things that go on in battle are attended secretly where reference is afforded the afghan resist fighting the soviets in the 1980 s we were very careful to buy ak-4 7s from the chinese these theoretically were weapons that could have been picked up on the battleground we didn’t ship them material that said offset in the us although last-minute where reference is required stinger missiles it became more apparent but still had the veneer of deniability if we become too obvious in what the hell is stipulate in this as catherine noted is what poland was afraid of that might promote russia to start targeting us directly to bring us immediately into combat what i object to most in addition to the fact that this was aired in the public is once again we are creating moral mishap we are doing the job that europe ought to be doing europe has 400 million people it has a 21 trillion dollar economy and i have no sentiment why the united states once again has to be the tip-off of the flavor well apparently putin is also trying to recruit other beings to do his manipulate apparently he’s going to volunteer fighters from the middle east to help with this war take a listen to this christian we are getting a lot of entreaties from various volunteers from various countries who want to come to lahansk and danette’s people’s republics and assemble the as they see it freeing flow the majority of members of them are from middle eastern countries countries over 16 000 lotions regarding the accumulating adventurers from different parts of the world for ukraine we investigate them the countries of the western sponsors of the ukrainian regime do not keep it confidential they do it honestly dismissing international law so if you meet parties who are interested in willingly without pay to come and help people living in donbas well we need to meet their efforts and help them to reach the combat zone all right christian really quickly what do you compile of this is this a thing is this information what’s going on with these middle eastern fighters it’s mostly publicity russia does have some friends from the fighting it done so in syria and of course there are plenty of russians in syria even if they had taken off the flags off of their costumes they might be veterans who would be good at contending in kiev i don’t think other syrians are going to sign up nor do i envisage the dictator of syria is going to make them come russia has some know-how from chechens and those are of course russians who that is able to generate their their skill to fighting there but i think this is mostly information to counter the fact that there’s so much international support for ukraine interesting christian expand always appreciate you having out having you on thanks for being here

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