How Ukraine is Winning the War against Russia | Akash Banerjee

Ukraine and Russia are fighting on many levels. On one side, with containers and airplanes, students in quandary. On the other hand information warfare, the restrict of narrative. Because truth in the digital senility has many sides to it. As per Ukraine, Russian advance has been stopped. That Russia suffered severe damage and Putin is desperate. Russia bombarding municipalities, and at the same time Ukrainians are willing to die but not ready to surrender Russian media says that there is no ongoing war, simply intervention.That Russia is not at fault. Russia is only trying to protect itself. Then West and international media say that civilians are being bombed. That Putin won’t stop until he destroys Kyiv. International criminal courtroom launched investigation over Russian assault. But Russian media won’t demo this. Russian media “says hes” didn’t attack Ukraine. Russia is acting in self-defense. This tactic was used before when in 2014 Putin occupied Crimea. At that time the hype use. But this time, the previously successful supernatural of propaganda is not working. Putin wished to be welcomed in Ukraine as a hero. That couldn’t happen as Zelensky refused to surrender. Now Putin has to explain to his own citizens.They have been previously filtered message war. If anybody even mentions combat, there is heavy punishment. Russia’s last-place independent TV canal was blocked. Last independent radio terminal was also attracted off air. And many websites censored like: BBC, DW news, Ukrainian news. It’s an message blackout. Social media like FB and Twitter too stopped. Thus usage of VPN has increased in Russia by 1500% in 13 -day period. By using VPN one can connect to server of a foreign country and access internet as if sitting there. No. of downloads of VPN per date has been an increase astronomically. It is a manifold increase. VPN firms realized a similar big blowup when China overtook brand-new certificate ordinance. Not allowed to access foreign places. Having a VPN access is important in the detection of truth. Precedents of Hong Kong and now Russia show that VPN is used to free internet. Your unique IP address is encrypted by VPN. It is then virtually impossible to move your online tasks by say, a intruder. VPN is also commonly used to pass on sensitive information safely as employ from home is the norm.When use public WiFi a VPN can ensure safety from hacker. To bypass regional regulations parties use VPN, like, a popular show hitherto to be launched in your locality. You can open Netflix of a foreign person and access their demoes. To find information that is censored, VPN is the way. So VPN has many advantages. I myself use Nord VPN. Nord VPN boasts 5400+ servers in 60 countries. They are celebrating 10 th anniversary. As countless as 6 inventions can be connected from a single accounting. Back to Russia … CIA director says that Putin is losing the current information war. Putin was once a master of propaganda on which basis he even managed to interfere in the US referendums. America has learned its lesson and is alert. Biden administration told in advance that Russia will conquer. Now US warned that Russia could use chemical weapons, under untrue pennant functioning. Russian self-restrained media is of the view that Ukraine has bio-weapons funded by US. US rubbished Russia’s claim, saying it was false pretext to use chemical weapon.This is old Russian tactic. If Ukraine surrendered within days hype by Putin would be deemed successful. But macrocosm can be found in the transgressions and information has flopped. Russia is even struggling to control narrative domestically it’s trying. Russians will soon realize that this could be a long war. And they may face prolonged economic significances. Bombing of hospital and institution cannot be hidden from internet. Russia tried to hide information from the world countries recently as internet was seen as a modernization force. Whereas China carefully created its own closed internet. In Russia internet was free. Internet freedom changed in 2011 when protest against election fraud in Russia erupted.So Russia started to control its internet slowly. And in 2019 Putin raised a constitution regarding the same. Internet, once a free and open resource, is splitting into info-spheres. US model of internet is free. European sit of internet is somewhat regulated. Chinese internet is controlled by state. Russia is trying to replicate the third model by creating Russian info-sphere. Problem is Russia paucity technological prowess. So it may depend on China for that.China is working alongside Russia. We foresee warfare involves forearms but it may also involve information. Chinese tabloid started publishing that Ukraine gave up in hours and Russia agreed to talk. That was Putin’s original strategy. 2 days later, China state owned TV told public that Zelensky left Kyiv on Feb 25. China was backing with Russia in disinformation campaign, without verification. You may have assured support for Putin in mainstream media here as well, representing US and NATO as villains.Chinese authority restrains move of people’s activities all the time. Information is heavily censored. Imagine your life without Google, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, NYT, BBC, etc. That is how China operates. So China is backing Russia saying that this is anti-west and anti-NATO stretch battle. Whereas Ukraine President has said no intention to join NATO then conflict should have ended. It’s not about that, probably about old-time Soviet exaltation. An sample: Ukraine side shows that Russian soldier being treated kindly. Russian( and Chinese) media indicating ill-treatment of captured soldier. Anti-war feeling is not being allowed in China. This happens when the government switches internet. Can social media be controlled like this in our country? Here, new IT rules part in that guidance. Any website is likely to be blocked if not found in national security interest. Parliamentary standing committee knows that beings will change to VPN so they likewise require outlaw on VPN services. Which countries block VPN? Big democracies in this list. When intelligence is censored, people find the best way to truth and knowledge through VPN.International corporations are also trying to provide VPN access. Tech business will have to figure out a method to help independent media lives. BBC has seen call of old directions: Shortwave radio broadcast in Russia. Twitter has propelled a service that can bypass internet blocks. Amid Russia Ukraine conflict , now beings are more aware of information warfare. You may want to protect your digital identity from struggle, hacker, etc. Have an anti-virus, 2-factor authentication, separate email for personal and power and lastly use VPN for more protection. Link to NordVPN is in the specific characteristics ..

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