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[Songs] the news of the day today with low Sirin excellent night with each other it was a blended record of the German champs organization groups later a lot more with you your consequences excellent evening as well as we now look together at the most essential topics of the day who pays the dual boom the criticism At the not successful federal-state meeting, Putin indications the annexation legislation while the Ukraine can reconquer further locations and needs for resignation after aartal video clip helicopter footage from the flooding night enhance the stress on the indoor priest of Rhineland-Palatinate [music] long speak nothing accomplished the government state negotiations to ease the energy crisis are been adjourned basically without result and that is why criticism from the economic climate and resistance hails while some Prime Ministers are demanding more support from the federal government, Money Preacher Lindner is requiring a lot more readiness to jeopardize from the states Diana Zimmermann establishes tense mines in the cabinet when the government had actually expected that its 200 billion euro bailout bundle would certainly cause lasting relief, so it saw itself tricked six days after the statement of the huge package, the opposition calls the double boom a lucky bag and a sausage everything takes a very long time we sat together as states for a very long time last week and also stated fairly plainly what has to happen, likewise because we have spoken with the communities, due to the fact that we have actually talked to company, because we are really near to the citizens as well as people are losing their nerve, the business no much longer recognize just how it takes place it simply takes too lengthy The other day the chancellor and prime priest did not meet yet chose who pays what additionally Stefan because he would rather give his people clear promises instead of roses the SPD man is combating to continue to be the president in Lower Saxony on Sunday and also would certainly require a tailwind can s As a matter of fact, he is requesting recognizing that is not so unimportant since drafting a power cost cap that is efficient and that operates in technique at this factor we actually need to be certain that the propositions will certainly then likewise show themselves in practice after the unsuccessful gas levy the federal government for a good gas rate brake not just the propositions of the professional commission conference at the weekend yet likewise the tax obligation estimate at the end of October made the necessary choices in time for the next year domestically it is stated as well slowly abroad totally wrong his EU colleagues criticized Lindner for the reality that Germany, going it alone, was misshaping competition as well as home heating up inflation in the euro zone before everybody n less upscale countries are calling for EU-wide help measures, although time is pushing theocall in Berlin and also lots of have felt the crisis for a long period of time, as well as countries in the alleviation plans are not together There is really no much better betting, on both sides the states intend to make use of the federal government'' s new 200 billion pot to complimentary themselves from some extra concerns that the situation and the coalition have actually enforced, and also the federal government directs out that the states have long been far better financially have as well as now the helplessness suffices with the federal aid, nonetheless, the federal government worries the people with it as well as for weeks the traffic signal announces the 200 billion protection shield, however after that it does not open it, although citizens and business are progressively in the rainfall Your expenses are strategically that was the other day e in catastrophe with a news if it is currently clear beforehand that the gas cost cap will just be provided in a few weeks, then one must not be stunned if the audience afterwards calls the conference or alternatively the union is naked many thanks for the assessment to Berlin Theo Paul how can Europe becoming more independent of Russian gas materials is likewise what the German-Spanish federal government consultations are about.Chancellor Scholz

flew to La Coruna with numerous closet participants, where they were obtained by Head of state Sanchez. Both nations desire to finish constructing the Cut pipeline to France terminals in Spain get to central Europe to battle in Ukraine Kyiv reports Russian attacks however at the exact same time brand-new reconquests in areas that Moscow has stated annexed because of the unlawful annexations, the EU states are now launching the eighth assents plan Target Moscow In any instance, Putin is under boosting pressure however continues to strike Lena sinner 7 months after the start of the war as well as with each other with Crimea Russia currently manages concerning a sixth of the Ukrainian state area President Putin officially finishes the unlawful annexation of the Luhansk areas Donetsk zaporegja as well as herrson these words from the Kremlin sound negative so we put on ' t make any kind of distinction between Russians and Ukrainians we'have actually never done it and we will not do it however if we go our very own means as well as I think that by doing this is creative we will certainly without any individual Uncertainties reduced off whatever that stops us from making headway.The chairman of the Russian Protection Board shared himself extremely differently as well as uncommonly freely in the messenger solution telegram that the military have to stop lying concerning the armed forces procedure like Russia in the forcibly included It is uncertain due to the fact that Moscow presently just controls components of these regions. According to President Selensky, the Ukrainian military has actually regained loads of towns have eliminated all russian decisions all treaties with which they are trying to confiscate our country all that is worthless ukrainian systems have actually also relocated into luciani a tactically vital village on the nipro river from there a bear down the port city of herson on the black sea inhabited by russia is feasible as well as most likely Russia ' s reaction to the Ukrainian successes drone strikes near Kyiv there are additionally growing issues concerning a feasible Russian use nuclear tools in the funding they have stocked up on iodine tablet computers as well as the evacuation plans are also being made we are chatting now with for in Moscow and Kathrin Eigendorf in Kyiv initially to you Kathrin is combated mostly in the east and south just how is the circumstance now in Kyiv so in Kyiv it was pretty peaceful for a lengthy time and also the war appeared extremely far yet throughout the government is currently celebrating the triumphes in eastern Ukraine and also is becoming increasingly self-confident, I see the people below increasingly unclear, so the most recent news that Russia might wish to utilize tactical nuclear tools below has actually additionally changed the situation to the SAP Parisi nuclear reactor, which is after that still really risky individuals below are really worried we simply heard it in the write-up a growing number of people are acquiring iodine tablets right here it is not panic yet it is primarily a more escalation is feared by the people here by many citizens and also this is likewise seen with terrific issue is the circumstance on the Belarusian boundary and also the opportunity of the Pu tin could send out troops in the direction of Kyiv once again and the capital could additionally encounter even more strikes once more that is a really details issue below then we check out the other side going further in the direction of Moscow for exactly how is the Kremlin finishing with the current military defeats of course Kremmelchef Putin who is intentionally loosened up and also he stated today that the circumstance in the linked areas will certainly be stabilized however criticism of the Russian army technique and also of the logistics specifically is spreading and it originates from quite significant voices here in Russia there is the leader of the Chechens, ramsam kadirov, and likewise, for instance, the owner of the mercenary team Wagner, both individually demanding tougher action in the Ukraine, kadirov, for instance, is currently assuming aloud regarding using a smaller nuclear tool as well as prigodien the one in charge the wagner troupe surged there ss the liable generals, whom he calls complete boneheads, need to be sent out to the front barefoot as well as with attack rifles, yet thus far it has been the instance that this criticism is focused on the generals at the general personnel yet does not get to the president himself, despite the fact that he is the supreme leader of the Russian troops formally and also he has not been slammed publicly either, many thanks to Moscow and Kyiv, phoebe as well as Kathrin, yes, exactly how to describe the current Ukrainian area gains, a ZDF live today with ex-Nato General Egon Rams at 7.30 p.m.In our application and on our social media sites channels we consider the British Isles for the party conference of the conventional Tories in Birmingham, the brand-new Head of state Trust fund in fact wanted to place herself as Margaret Thatcher 2.0, so to talk, yet she almost has to be afraid losing her office once more simply currently. The background are tax cut plans that are creating substantial turbulence osten at the same time even more of Andreas Stamm are already off the table not only does the door squeak before one of the most crucial appearance in listra ' s occupation thus far, it cracks in the light beams, her party rebels, the polls are in the basement, the economic situation remains in turmoil, all due to the fact that of the trust fund significantly liberal financial belief that she protects high Tax obligations and also little growth we develop that ' s how financial development constructs Britain back up through reforms the last couple of weeks have actually demonstrated how hard it will be to alter'approves shocks however however not everyone wishes to see change change their whistle whistle below at acmi in Birmingham for 150 years for each taste after brexit and corona they wish for tranquility as well as security after that the head of state’s growth plan turned out terribly since it stopped inflation the brand-new government left to a turbulent, bad begin the suggestion that taxes can be decreased on credit report is an incredibly non-traditional one vative national politics I ' m stunned the way the party and citizens terminated tax obligation cuts for top income earners after an internal rebellion more for the abundant in the center of an economic situation so trust ended up being less prominent in surveys than its predecessor Johnson just just recently in workplace she ' s not missing out on in the prime ranks of the fan look for the moment being order so events experts without radical change obviously Count on could be background before Christmas it informs of new freedom unleashing Brits ' potential as well as skills yet all surveys say just 10 percent of Brits desire more flexibility feel unfree it ' s the wrong message individuals desire security at the wrong time in the wrong area simply to flee quickly the traditionalists are afraid absolutely nothing more than an additional adjustment on top however'after this party conference proceeding with depend on might be an also better wickedness we remain in the nobel reward week today it ' s chemistry ' s transform the study of the champions permits example', the targeted usage of cancer medicines 3 researchers from Denmark as well as the United States were recognized for the click chemistry 'they established Barry Sharpless as well as Morten meldal had created the approach with which chemical building blocks can be gotten in touch with each other comparatively easily to ensure that Nobel committee Caroline bertosi had the click Chemistry was after that increased to a new level and also it is now utilized worldwide greater than a year'ago the flooding'calamity in the Ahr valley with 134 dead currently the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of the Inside has released video clips from the flood evening that increase brand-new concerns the air exception from cops helicopters show residences approximately Roofing system under water as well as light signals from people in most likely desperate requirement they were taken between shame as well as mayschoss however why are they making it public currently and also was the information handed down in great time to Marion Geiger the flood night in the Aartal vo Confined in water, individuals draw focus to themselves recordings of an authorities helicopter launched by the Inside Ministry, the transmission of the images fell short at the time, after that they went away for 14 months, the Rhineland-Palatinate Inside Minister Roger Lewins says he had actually only simply seen the pictures and also they revealed flooding no flooding catastrophe to be guessed on this film there are no collapsed homes, no bridges torn away, the railway line that was ruined, no auto swimming in, a storage tank to be seen, so not what we after that had to see in the light of awful devastation and also destruction in this valley in the investigative committee of the Mainz state parliament Levens claimed he had no trusted photo of the circumstance on the night of the flooding According to the police, the videos have only now been discovered, which is regrettable, however the information from the video clips was provided to the Ministry of the Inside at the time, from the opposition ' s viewpoint, Priest j Every trust fund shed there are individuals on the roof coverings battling for their lives that are trying to find aid with flashlights and the interior priest sits down with 2 police ships as well as clarifies he can not have known anything else he is utilizing the cops as an instrument it is likewise indecent as well as if he not now lastly understanding that he has to resign after that the head of state then is needed to do this 3 years ago the videos reveal the situation in the upper as well as middle artal lots of people only died later more downstream there was no prompt warning why the video clips existed for 14 months was not understood for a very long time currently the general public district attorney ' s workplace is attempting to clarify they understand given that the beginning of the Russian battle of aggressiveness versus Ukraine there has been a glacial epoch between Washington and also Moscow when providing the International Spaceport station ISS both nations remain to function with each other but a great hr ago is a Drago n rocket took off from the Cape Canaveral spaceport in Florida on board 2 US astronauts a Japanese and also a Russian cosmonaut they are to continue to be on the ISS for five months as well as execute many experiments he was an author as well as one of the most crucial screenwriters in German film background the East Berlin native Wolfgang kohlhas is currently died at the age of 91 Kohlhase had composed the screenplays for acclaimed movies such as Sommer vorm Balkon as well as solo San he has actually obtained a number of honors he has actually deeply touched numerous viewers, it is claimed in an admiration of his philanthropy as well as an unique feeling for subtleties we are currently in sporting activity Christian Ottos for me football Champions League and also not everything went smoothly for the Germans that has extremely recent effects currently it is official Bayer Leverkusen is dividing from trainer Gerardo seane the club just announced on its internet site the unsuccessfulness of the federation sliga penultimate additionally continued in the premier class with 0:2 at FC Porto the realities overwhelming for the Swiss football instructor just 2 wins 11 affordable games currently seven defeats of the season then also the backing from the team is ineffective we are still convinced the coach has one great link to the group as well as we wish to leave the scenario with each other absolutely nothing will certainly be excessive lethargy in Portugal either Bayer accompanying the challengers fade and also without a leader rather of striking you sanusi and also Galliano the markers in FC Porto ' s 2-0 win the uncertainty The Werkself are within reach in the Bundesliga on Friday, a 4-0 loss at Bayern Munich as well as falling back right into a transfer zone.The Spaniard Shabi Alonso is a prospect for a Seouano successor and his commitments were additionally validated a few mins ago -champion Eintracht Frankf urt after the 0-0 win against Tottenham Hotspur, the efficiency of Bayern, that got going 15-0 against Viktoria Pilsen, for the league top on Saturday in Dortmund in front of a sold-out group, the document champs showed their strength and also remained in the 31st team video game Champions Organization without defeat, a document in the premier course and also every little thing for the 3rd day of the video game, including today ' s games from Leipzig and Dortmund here in the ZDF sporting activities workshop Eva Champions Organization from 11 p.m. as well as in

the ZDF Today application four weeks after the dreadful troubles in some so-called Cologne Fans at the European Cup in Nice, the cops jailed five suspects, they are implicated of breaching the peace and also assault. A total of 16 suspects’ houses were browsed, every one of whom are known to be violent sports the German V olleyball gamers at their world champions in Polish lodge after four defeats in a row defeated Thailand in 3:1 embed in the second intermediate round video game and are awaiting their marginal possibility of making it right into the quarterfinals Ciao possibly with a little bit of luck it will exercise thanks'that was the one Sport we still have the numbers from the Wednesday Lottery below they are 9 10 17 37 38 49 and the incredibly number is 5 even more winning numbers on lotto.zdf.de as well as on the ZDF message page 557 of course little adjustment in the weather condition which is not the worst more of the same Christa Orban at 9 p.m.There is today’s journal with Maria the lonka indeed that was the news world on this Wednesday relaxed evening many thanks for your passion as well as see you tomorrow [songs] great evening this lengthy high-pressure zone is still intended for our weather as well as brings us to the one a great deal of sun on the other in the early morning also haze this cold spell that we currently at night and tomorrow crosses it is hardly weather-effective only today in the first half of the evening it brings a shower below and also there in the north-west of the nation then the clouds relocate in the direction of the center as well as the rainfall becomes much less starry it remains specifically in the south-east of the country right here after that it develops haze as well as it will certainly be the coolest with six to nine levels tomorrow morning or else we will get to temperature levels in between 10 and also 14 levels during the night tomorrow the clouds of the cold snap will lie mainly in between the Key and also Danube the haze will certainly dissipate rapidly however it will hardly drop Decrease of rainfall out the same relates to the clouds here on the coastlines with a strong western wind we have a great deal of sun but specifically in the west and also in the north German lowlands it is a bit cooler than today 16 17 levels in the low range of mountains and on the coasts of Lake Constance if we reach 22 levels once more on Friday, the weather condition will be calm as well as the temperature variety will certainly resemble the weekend break wi rd it will certainly be a little bit colder on Saturday in the northwest and also a little bit more unpredictable in the south but then it will certainly be calmer bye

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