Geflüchtete Teenager aus der Ukraine in Berlin: »Wir werden unser Land wieder aufbauen«

Polina and Marta are 19 and 18 years old. Shortly after the opening up of the conflict they fled from Kyiv to Berlin. They documented their flee in photos and videos on their mobile phones. This is the Polish border, there was a lot of rubbish everywhere, and we all bridged their own borders. The teens now live with Katja Schtz. The Berlin biologist is one of numerous voluntaries who furnish refugees a stopgap home in their own apartment – as best they are unable. We talk about it every day. We’re safe here. But our families are in Ukraine and we can not help them.We can only take care of the younger Makar and Masha. 17 -year-old Masha and Martha’s 14 -year-old brother Makar, who did not tolerate himself to be filmed, traveled with them. Katja Schtz herself has a son of the same age. What the children had to go through is still unimaginable for them. They were on a skiing holiday three weeks ago. It’s like we’re kind of getting our girls, I don’t know, to the UK now, just like that. That’s awesome. For Marta, the modified actuality means one thing above all: We are not a soft people, we are strong and we will rebuild our country. Our country is being built by people like Polina and me. Yesterday we were still children. Today we take care of two children ourselves are in a foreign country. Good country. What I think is really great is what the two of them say to me. Yes, we’re going to the University of Artistries and Culture and we’re going to be the future directors of our cultural academies, so that means we’re building it up and oh, come back, even if everything is destroyed there now, we’re going to build it up even better and we induce the country.There is still so much strength and so much hope in this future. And that is so touching that one can use these words to express her love. Sympathy for the Ukrainians is great in Berlin, as in many western metropolis. Tens of thousands took to the streets again this weekend to demonstrate against Putin’s war of intrusion. This gesture alone, the protest against the war, is a support for the young Ukrainian. No reason to demonstrate. We are also welcome to demonstrate now. further like so many notes. We ensure a huge crowd of parties wearing Ukrainian flags standing in front of our embassy involving a ban on flying over Ukraine. Standing at Embassy Watch Close the Sky on Ukraine. We investigated that and realized that we can also do something for our country here in Germany. Help from my country what. But we just hope that this war will end as soon as possible and we can go back to Kyiv to rebuild it. And because of return to give up to[ __ ]. When or if that will be possible , nobody can say at the moment. Everyone ..

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