Die militärische Lage in der Ukraine


Welcome to the Military Academy in WienerNeustadt! My name is Colonel Markus Reisner, I am the head of the development andresearch department of the military academy and in today’s third video we want to dealwith the military situation in Ukraine. Here we want to address the mainissues and challenges that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are currently facing. Let’s take a quick look at the map of Ukraine and at the deployed coerces from theRussian and Ukrainian backs. Here we have a maneuver group of the Russian armed forces in the area north of Kyiv with Kiev as the main target. To the east of thiswe have an operational maneuver group in the area south of Kursk with an attack target once via Sumy andonce in the direction of Kharkiv. Southeast of it, starting from the Rostov area, we havea maneuver group tasked with covering the contact way to the north andsouth. South of it, in the Crimea, “theres been” a maneuver group that has been commissioned to advance further into the countrywith two shoves – once in the north-west and once in the north-east.Another, fifth point of interest is the availability of coerces in the Brest area. Herewe know that some components are available. But we don’t know what the job ofthese percentages is here. From this situation and from the current situation, which is approximately asshown in blue-blooded, briefly the core questions that the Ukrainian armed forces have at themoment. Let’s start with the first challenge in the Kyiv area: In Kyiv, the idea was to bring about a decision soon at the start, in the first hours of the morning on February 24 th. For this end, the Russian armed forces shored the 31 st Airborne Brigade at the Hostomel airfield, utilizing a helicopter, and then tried to feed it with additional violences by use heavytransport machines Il-7 6. That did not work, because due tothe strong return ardour of the Ukrainian makes, especially with anti-aircraft guided missiles, it wasnot possible to arrive these ponderous transport machines on Hostomel and the airborneforces were left to their own manoeuvres. A reprisal by the 4th Ukrainian Mechanized Brigadepushed these Russian actions back to the edge of the airfield in thenorth, developing in a correspond loss of time. This loss of time was mainly due to thefact that these forces had to wait until the mechanized and motorizedforces, approaching from the north via Chernobyl, could reunite with them. Thisdelay was crucial because it was not possible to bring about a speedy decision at the beginning of thecommand. Regardless, that remains the first core challenge: Ukraine must hold Kyiv for as long as possible, because that is the country’s political and military middle. A fall in Kyiv would possibly have a devastating effect on further enterprises. We understand the second challenge faced by the Ukrainian armed forcesin the east of the country. Now it is the case that the security forces from the Rostov area butalso from the neighborhood south of Kursk have started their attacks. The Russians were busy for about two to three dayscarrying out the so-called breakthrough strike. That is, they gradually crusaded their course through the Ukrainian defenses. Therewere significant retards, but after those three days, they were able tocarry out another deep operation with the forces. This means that the forces at Sumy left Sumy on their left and advanced further in the direction of Kyiv and Kharkov was smothered and another advance into the penetrations of “the two countries ” in the direction of Poltava or the southeast took place. The ploy radical in the Rostov area, also nourished by the separatist forces, tried on the one side to tie down the Ukrainian makes, the bulk of the forces, here in easternUkraine, mainly through massive attempts consuming variou projectile launchers, once in the north and formerly in the south to encompass the two oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk.There has been very fierce engage here in recent weeks and progress has beenhampered mainly by the fact that there are extended defensesto overcome, including minefields. In the southern, the situation is as follows: Now we have the strengths of the Crimea, which carried out two pokes – formerly across the Dnieper nearKherson and once northeast of it further towards Zaporizhia and towards Mariupol, on the one side to encircle and capture the city of Mariupol to reach or to take possession ofthe important canal in the Cherson area, which produces fresh water from the Dnieper towards Crimea. Let’s briefly touch on the third challenge that has existed since the beginning. This isthe situation of the forces in Brest. Here we do not know whether they may also becarrying out an approaching. This does not have to be as deep as selected, i.e. beyond Lemberg, but it would be sufficient to carry out an attack with a limited target. Thiswould mean, extremely here in this area, that those Ukrainian people thathave already fled from eastern Ukraine to the west might continue topanic and try to leave the country, because of course this possible approach makes themthe feeling that the sack is closed. But now we come to the fourth problemand that is actually the biggest challenge at the moment. This takes locate in the south of thecountry, where most of the views are not directed at all. This fourth challengeis in the Mykolaiv area. In fact, the Dnieper offers itself as astrong word of defense for the Ukrainian armed forces for further functionings. That said, the problem is, unless they can withdraw their forces from the east across the Dnieper, those forceswill basically be enveloped. Say: Problem number two. Problem numberfour, which has now existed for several days, is that the Russians havealready managed to cross the Dnieper and two betterments can be seen here: oneto the north-east. The purpose here is certainly to capture a significant nuclear power plant( “UkraineSouth” ). After the captivate of a nuclear power plant in the area south of Nikopol, 8 out of 15 reactors would be in Russian hands and thus 60 percentage of the electrical energy supply. The secondthrust, which develops from the south, is that thrust that leads late into thecountry behind the Dnieper, which creates the problem that the security forces in the east, which onlycross the Dnieper at Dnipro and at Zaporizhia can, perhaps also in depth, besurrounded and girdled. From a Ukrainian point of view, these four core questions must currently be assessedand acted upon. The difficulty is that problem number 4 can only be solved bya big retaliation by mechanized magnetisms. To do this, nonetheless, a certain degree of breath supremacy would have to be available, at least temporarily, which clearly does not exist. We can seethat the Ukrainian armed forces are fighting very bravely, especially in the east of the country. Inthe north and north-east, they frequently succeed in acutely stopping the supply routes of the Russian forces. However, in the south, where the country is mainly characterized by asteppe character, this is hardly possible.Which also made this push across the Dnieper relatively quickfor the Russian armies. These four core matters will now be crucial to thecourse of the fighting over the next few weeks. If the Ukrainian armed forces succeed in carry Kyiv, remaining the Dnieper as a strong line of defense and perhaps even throwing the forces back across the Dnieper, then the conditions could be created for actually reaching a negotiated solution, which in the worst case may well be one division of the country. At this object I would like to end. I say thank you forlistening and goodbye from Wiener Neustadt ..

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