Anonymous Declares War On Russia

in today’s exploration of cyber security tech information russia is invading ukraine from the north east and south but one france that’s often forgotten is the war in cyberspace in this video i’ll be reporting everything we are aware of what “the hells going on” in the cyber realm when it comes to ukraine’s invasion firstly anonymous has declared cyber war on russia this comes from various anonymous associated twitter notes and while we do have to be careful where reference is comes to these anonymous notices as they can often be made by larpers merely using the firebrand of anonymous for attending in such cases “were having” some real hacktivist action following ddosing from the collective some russian authority websites ought to have knowledge technological difficulties this includes the russian chairperson website the authorities concerned site and russia’s parliament website all of which i noticed don’t even utilization https anonymous also briefly took offline russia today the infamous putin restrained story outlet russia has responded deploying geofencing to some of its websites for example mill dot iu russia’s prime military security website is inaccessible from outside russia try to load it from a western ip and the locate literally responds with meme http wrongdoing code 418. This needs some showing misstep code 418 originates from an april fool’s joke from way back in 1998 by the organization whose enterprise it is to set the standards for tcp the official standards say that this error system should only be returned by teapots that are requested to brew chocolate so fault 418 has become a bit of a meme and yes i repute this is the russian armed symbolize at us next up and this is really instead strange a few days ago i received a sense sent to my youtube channel’s contact email it claimed to be from a russian alliance hacking group summon themselves the maroon bandits they asked me to follow them on chirp and i just got strange emails all the time this one in particular claimed to be sent by vladimir zelensky which is the president of ukraine i figured this was just someone roaring for tending and i was about to delete it until i realized it was cast from a ukrainian authority email address this got my attention i checked their twitter accounts only to see that they had been suspended i did some googling and felt they had an alt account on which they claimed to have gained access to the ukrainian government’s mail service and initiated a script to use their email service to email over 500 000 real emails from a data breach unexpectedly i don’t feel so special really being one of the 500 000 and to further confirm this breach i noticed the ukrainian government email login page does warns of details being taken over so it seems they are aware of a breach of some kind the red-faced bandits describe themselves as a cyber crime group nonetheless they seem at least we’ve taken a temporary interruption from their cyber criminal epoch jobs and have aligned themselves with russia against ukraine as their latest runnings suggest and by the way i can’t verify any of their says but they say they’ve hijacked ukrainian police rush cams and even gained access to confidential ukrainian authority assembles again i can’t validate any of this and if there are any changes or updates on this weave i will pin a comment down below some cyber strikes which ought to have proved though are a whole gesticulate of enterprises that took place the very daylight before the intrusion of ukraine even started now these attacks made multiple models the first being wiper malware wiper malware can be compared to ransomware but instead of encrypting data to course desolation like ransomware does wiper malware simply removes data making it impossible to recover it’s clearly a weapon of destruction rather than at all cyber crooks can use for cash income the malware was discovered to be installed on hundreds of machines in ukraine but since this news is so recent and of course the targeted arrangements clearly have more important things to worry about we don’t know who the victims were or to what expanse the attacks were successful but we can take some evidences from a similar cord of assaults which has just taken place in january in those attacks wiper malware targeted numerou authorities non-profits and use of information technologies makings all based in ukraine the malware was made to look like ransomware it even had a low-spirited campaign ransomware nodes a txt record that asked for 10 k in bitcoin to be sent to a certain purse but there was no retrieval mechanism inherent within the malware so this is clearly a disguise in addition to the wiper malware the day before the invasion the ukrainian government and banks were hit by ddos attempts this is the second time this has happened in recent weeks with the previous attacks being attributed to russia’s observe busines the gru the timing of these ddos assaults on malwa is no coincidence they will have been fired off the day before the invasion to create as much fluster and chaos as is practicable but ukraine’s protection department has other schedules and what i’m about to tell you is gonna seem curious and it’s only come out in the last few hours reuters has been declared that ukraine is calling on its hacker subterranean to defend against russia in other words the ukrainian security department has been sounding up on hacking forums trying to encourage cyber criminals to volunteer for service in the military cyber sections this would even include an offensive voluntary group which would conduct digital espionage functionings against conquering russian forces so this is what we know so far about russia’s invasion of ukraine on the cyber front now i leant this video together a lot faster than i usually do so i realise i’ve been quite light on detail but i really wanted to get this out asap and plow as countless topics as possible remember it’s a fast moving place so if there’s something i’ve missed out on which unavoidably there will then be or if any of my message is incorrect please let me know in specific comments also if you just wanted to spoke further into any topic i’ve discussed in today’s video all my informants are as always connected in the video 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