NATO Secretary General with the Minister of Defence of Germany ??Christine Lambrecht, 18 JAN 2022

Minister Lambrecht, dear Christine, It is a great honor to be here. And congratulations so much better on your appointment. I really look forward to working with you. And also many thanks for your strong personalcommitment to NATO, to our Alliance. And for Germany’s contributions to our sharedsecurity, to our collective defence in so many different ways. You share and you guide the NATO battlegroup in Lithuania. And I welcome the fact that you departed thereas your first jaunt abroad, illustrating your personal commitment, both to the Bundeswehrbut also to NATO’s attendance in the Baltic sea region. I have met German personnel in many differentmissions and the operations. Including in Lithuania, but also in Kosovo. And on maritime pleasures for instance inthe Aegean Sea. And I am ever astonished by the professionalism, by the dedication of the German soldiers , men and women in uniform in different NATOmissions and operations.I would also like to thank you for Germany’scontributions. Not only to our maritime operations and ourbattlegroup in the eastern part of the Alliance, But too your contribution to our air policingand many other important parts of our collective defence which we are providing together inNATO. All this is a strong sign of NATO solidarity. And this is even more important now as weface crucial time for European insurance. With the Russian armed build-up in andaround Ukraine. With the threatening rhetoric. And also with the Russian track record ofusing force against Ukraine before. As you said, NATO remains committed to ourdual-track approach: deterrence, excuse, combined with dialogue. We are a defensive Alliance. And we will ever protect and protect allAllies. At the same time, we will continue to makeevery effort to find a political practice forward through exchange. And therefore I welcome that we were ableto meet in the NATO-Russia Council last week. And today I have invited all the members ofthe NATO-Russia Council to meet again in a series of fills. To address important issues for our safety. Transparency on military works, mechanismsto reduce risks, and likewise arms control and courses of communications.And I know that I can count on Germany andon you personally when it comes to both: deterrence, apology, and on talk. And hence I truly look forward to workingwith you. And I would very much like to welcome youto the NATO Headquarters in Brussels. So thank you so much for looking me today. Thank you ..

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